Friday, 24 September 2010

unlikely style icon.

Just a quick post to express my admiration for This is England '86s character Lol's style.

The show is a spin-off of the original film This is England released in 2007, set in 1983; it tells the gripping coming-of-age tale of tweleve year old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) who is taken under the wing of a pack of wayward, irreverent skinheads.

I say unlikely as I'm not a massive follower of trends that were big before my time. But the styling team have got it bang on with Lol. Even to the point where her mannish dressing outswarves that of even her male counterparts including her husband to be Woody, played by Joe Gilgun.

She has a similar look and attitude to the original instigators of girl power- Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry; effortless mannish power dressing with a real edge.
Check List:

Fred Perry (buttoned to the top as a standard) in a gingham, plaid or tartan
Distressed Black Levi's
Dirty Doc Martens,
Oversized Crombie Coat

What better excuse do I need than to survey the internet's offerings of a Fred Perry fix?
Make like a real man and opt for one from the male section of the website/asos (1&2)/urban outfitters (3) as opposed to an over-sized 'boyfriend' equivalent in the womenswear department.

Top three;


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