1. Pass my driving test

2. Design business cards

3. Spend the day in Somerset House

4. Have a champagne picnic

5. Take up the piano again

6. Go to London Fashion Week

7. Customise a whole outfit

8. Overhaul are you dressing up or dressing down?

9. Have a five star spa weekend

10. Have cocktails with my two sisters

11. Go ice skating at Somerset House

12. Spend the day on Portobello road

13. Host a dinner party

14. Buy a film camera

16. Take an impulsive trip abroad

17. Bite the bullet and do a vlog

18. Actually go to the Angel of The North

19. Go on a Camden pub crawl

20. See Rihanna

21. Start an inspiration scrapbook

22. Move to London

23. Get a first career job