Wednesday, 28 December 2011

retrospect: 2011

So I didn't really do the whole yayayay its Christmas thing did I? I am not all that keen on New Year either, if I'm honest. Yes, I am a total scrooge. No, this post hopes to dispel that misconception.

The celebrations might be a disappointment but I totally buy into the let's look back on months previous deal. I would like to think of this as a snapshot into the behind the scenes life of ayduodd. It's as good excuse as any to bring the nostalgia.

What did I do in 2011?

I practically got married. I dressed up. I dressed down. I saw Usher (I know right). I graduated. I moved a lot from York ---> countryside ---> London. I made a loyal friend named Gordon. Hendrick's on super special occasions. I LFW'd - backstage and FROW (ok, SCROW). I Notion'd. I went short. I press day debuted. I turned 22. I wore a collar with everything. I bet, and won. I discovered people queued for the library?? I got a bowler, and never took it off. I moved to London. I threw a friggan time capsule into a lake. Most of all, I had a ball with the best friends.

Here's the proof:

See, I'm not a total party pooper.

What are your NYE plans? I am back in the big smoke with not the foggiest idea of what to do. 

Shoot your suggestions this way. 

Less resolution making and more ruckussssing. I'll drink to that.


Monday, 26 December 2011

so this is christmas.

Seasons greetings, all the best, bla de bla de bla. Hope you all had a lovely day etc.
What to do now? What even is boxing day? One of life's many mysteries. I know fo sho I ain't stepping an inch near a shop.

ANYWAY, this is what I got up to (ate, drank and wore) yesterday.

So much food, not enough of an elasticated waistband. Not gonna lie will probs spend today chomping on cheesecake and cupcakes washed down with copious amounts of tea and Mo√ęt  daahaling.