Friday, 18 November 2011

if i were a boy 001:
LUKE 1977

LUKE 1977

It may come as a shock to learn that I rate menswear high. I really think its appreciation and exposure is shunned under the limelight that womenswear collections consistently dominate. You just have to look at Fashion Week schedules for a synopsis of what I'm getting at. It is a shame, there's some real talent out there.

I am going to attempt to make this a regular feature; as regular as something from the opposite sex catches my eye, at least. I am on the look-out for some credible menswear blogs; if you know of any, please link me up in the comments.

The premise for these posts? If I were a boy, its what I'd be wearing. First up, LUKE 1977.

Self-titled, UK, menswear brand was founded and curated by a Central Saint Martins graduate and two life long friends. The threesome maintain their original brief in all modern collections, taking inspiration from surrounding figures to encompass all facets of the modern L.A.D: the gentleman, the working class hero and generic rogue; their product list reads like a lad's nickname book.

The trio protect the exclusivity of the brand by abiding by a strict distribution policy - stocking their collections in only select stores. And to their avail - the brand is firmly recognised up there with the top, designer dogs.

They even have their own magazine and we all know how much I love them. Here's a screen grab selection of my favourite pages:

Boys take note.

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

who in here likes to P*A*R*T*Y?

If your response to that is a hell yeah, then aren't you in for a treat. As a my street chic, style representative of Newcastle, the glam girls over at the HQ have offered invites to their bloggers Christmas celebrations to all my doting followers, closet readers etc.

It'll be a priceless opportunity to mingle with other bloggers - beauty and fashion alike. The party also has plans to host an exclusive fashion show which will showcase the very latest lookbook from boohoo.

What? My Street Chic Bloggers Christmas Party
When? 16th December, 7-10pm
Where? Java, 9 Park Street, Bristol, BS1
How? Here
Who? Too many fashionable faces to name.

£5 (yeah, really) tickets include entrance to the party and fashion show, a complimentary drink on arrival and a goodie bag fulla fashion goodies, on departure.

Get on those dancing shoes and party dresses.


Monday, 14 November 2011

leather leopard.

This is the resultant visual to the realisation that I'm spending today doing what I have occupied the main of my post-university hours with: mapping an escape route, booking meal tickets, promising myself prosperous (party) times lie ahead with the sporadic, gin-fuelled tomfoolery thrown in for good, sociable measure.

Making like the stereotypically vain, fashion blogger that I am and releasing intern application frustration unto that dslr of mine. Might as live up to something.
Shirt: charidee / old Warehouse, Skirt and Jumper: h&m, Bowler: TOPSHOP

Leather vs. leopard is a win-win ensemble. Obsessing over the two a little much often sees me mistaking one for the other i.e. this coat I'm selling - it has a LEOPARD collar, not a leather one as I have previously tweeted.

Bare with while a formulate a realistic life plan.