Monday, 15 August 2011

to be adored aw11.

With an overt obsession for all things tba, the arrival of the latest collection is always an eagerly anticipated one. It is standard procedure that I share its highlights with you lovely lot.

Binbin (creative director and founder) has only gone and done it again; a truly covetable collection that'll leave you wishing for every single piece.
Told you so. Playing into the hands of the fetish trend, Binbin has dared to brave shorter hem-lines and actual flesh flashing sheers (along with modest yet, suggestive shoulder panels) - all a bit 'ooh la la sexy' for the conventionally pretty girl label. Nonetheless, it is a risk that's paid off. The collection resonates its curator's original aesthetic - Sixties fun fused with Edwardian sophistication whilst introducing an element of 20th Century dressing. Despite this refreshing update, the label's quirky elegance resounds cohesively.

Not about to get all artsy, literally, I couldn't if I tried but the most appealing aspect? The simplicity and purity of the set - the clothes own it. Hats off to her and the team.

The collection will be available to buy online and in stores very soon.

The Lumen fund starts now.