Saturday, 26 May 2012

007: recently i've been.

Made my week, health kick inspired by 20+ London temps, ooh me eyes, this is how I envisage summer, jolly for the Jubilee in and around central, I missed you, token shamelessly posed pink wig, overwearing, hangovers are for pussies, AQUA sample sale, London Boutiques launch, revision hole, social media milestone, BOY <3, shorthand hate, VOGUE.


Sunday, 20 May 2012


Have I or have I not just coined a new bloggers acronym?

To spell it out:





How many times have I vowed to photograph daily outfits? TOO MANY. You'd think my 7am WHAT THE FACK AM I GON WEAR outbursts would provide enough of an incentive but nah apparently not. I have married my obsession for aforementioned neck pieces with the accessibility of instagram to bring you a visual diary in collars. I wear a lorra 'em. NAR.

The luxury of mixing and matching makes the possibilities endless:
Shirts: white topshop crop, leather and sheer new look
Chains: Cinderela B and old topshop
Other: brick lane and BOY

This is probably the closest I'm gonna get to being a doting OOTD blogger innit.

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