Thursday, 8 September 2011

fashion week inspiration.

Creeping upon us like a shadow in the night, London Fashion Week is literally days away. Somerset House, masquerading as the main stage, will play host to the world's street style playground. An environment, in which I imagine the presence of glamour and scrutiny are at their most ferocious. Bearing this all in mind, I'd like to look pretty haute, moderatley cool, etc. My usual stylish-self (modest, I know) appears to be on holiday and therefore I am calling upon the aid of these stylish sisters.
Sweeping source: tumblr / fave fash bloggers.

Fashion week stress has officially ensued.

Suggestions on a postcard, or in the comments. I don't fancy plastering my address all over the internet and whatnot.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

stolen from notion.

I admit this is a bit #lazyfashionblogger but figure as I wrote it, why should it not be given some are you dressing up or dressing down? air time.

So here you have it; a street-style profile of a London based blogger who has been on my radar for quite some time now.
The personal natterings of London native, Jazzabelle Rocks - actual name. 

Bi-weekly outfit posts- snapped by her doting mother, Batttersea boot sale hauls and plush blogger meets with the odd press perk, own the pages of her online diary. If I had to decipher the definition of charity-shop chic, I would point you all in this girl's direction. Not your regular eighteen-year old - my teen memory of charity shops involved genuine fear of the places. Oh, how things change.
Proving that black is a transeasonal colour and not just for funerals, her style is best described as minimal, modern lady. No look-at-me gimics just pure, genuine, head-to-toe vintage. The most attractive factor? Jazzabelle's entire outfit rarely totals more than a measely tenner. How does she do it!? I wish I knew. Dabbling in a good old game of texture play, exibit a) demonstrates the girl's ability to play it safe, but effortlessy cool in a complete colour palette of black sheer, wool and leather all for a massive six hundred pennies. Amazing.
I see a gap in the market here. I reckon she needs to do some sort of bargin-hunting tutorial, fancy it Jazzabelle? When she isn't posing in front of that brick wall, you'll find her wandering aimlessly but intently around the V&A. Cultured as well as stylish, ooh-er.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

so many shoes.

Ooh check me and my daily posts out. Unfortunately, not even a peep of a London (or an anywhere) adventure hinders blogging duties this week. Oh, how I am embracing life as a graduate / unemployed bum.

Will keep on doing what I am doing.

Shoe porn, current covets - call it what you like, I hereby present to you my comprehensive compilation of staple, season-appropriate footwear.


Navy, glitter, berry and velvet. Check.

I really need to bite bullet and gets me some creepers. I have harped on about them for long enough.

After a summer of broken promises I have finally uploaded two short posts to The Street Savvy site.

Monday, 5 September 2011

the LVD.

The 21st Century woman's take on the classic little black dress; a staple, evening formal, to day time meeting, go-to, wardrobe must that has stood the test of time like no other, prevailing as the firm favourite not just season after season but decade upon decade.

This autumn/winter, its latest rival comes in the form of the little velvet dress - lvd if you will. And not your cheap, bodycon, lurex varieties that did the rounds on the high street around about this time last year. No, this a/w velvet is back with a resounding vengeance that looks set to stack some serious staying power. Jewel tones, laser-cut and gem adornments compliment the luxury alluring fabric.

The material's new guise goes beyond wardrobe rails with some pretty plush, velvety shoes worming there way into high-street stores and designer lookbooks alike. And soon enough, onto my shoe rack I hope.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

head-to-toe h&m.

Having bummed around in vans, American Apparell hoodies and alternating my bottom half between Levi cut-offs and Topshop Pippa skinnies, I decided to make an effort today. I have also had a hair cut since I last did one of these, yeah I have.

The title is a trick as its not one hundred per cent valid- I wore shoes from New Look but its a decent effort if I do say so myself. I've always found h&m hit and miss - some seasons they get right on it, others their collections just seem a bit.. off. Do you know what I'm saying? Or is that just me?

I take that all back for AW11. I walked in the other day and picked out an entire outfit in just twenty minutes, all for fifty squids. I could've bought many more things but I refrained.
Everything: h&m bar collar necklace: TOPSHOP

I have wanted this leather skirt since discovering it on fashiolista (great site, check it out) and this lace top? Well it echoes Miss Chung's Madewell number dont it?

Here are my favourite items from their AW11 press day preview to whet your appetites.
Images: via Karen

Big h&m love.