Saturday, 12 February 2011

life swap?

Please, Billie J.D Porter?

This girl literally has it all.

The teen rebel started out at just 15 writing for NME online and since, has amassed an impressive list of contributing credits to her career including: Dazed & Confused, Vice and I.D as well as countless, other online blogging / interview gigs. Kanny jammy at 18 if you ask me.

In the past two years Billie has interviewed celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Justice.

She is valued for her wry interview style and immersionist approach which French style-bible Jalouse, enjoyed so much, they enlisted her as a regular contributor.

Less of that, now to the point of this post. The girl has style; as well as her life I could do with her wardrobe, ooh and your hair.

See what I mean? She really pulls off (effortlessy) scruffy grunge, reminiscent of 90's Britain. I am a fan.

Envy Billie's light-hearted, life happenings at - / twitter.

She is now dabbling in the documentary scene and can be seen on The Joy of Teen Sex, Channel4, Wednesdays. Acting as a roving reporting, she investigates all sorts of sex taboos from private piercings to glamour girls.

Can I have your life please?


Friday, 11 February 2011

current cravings.

Thanks to Sarah, I managed to feast my eyes on this lovely lot. Shows how out of the loop I have been, I didn't have a clue.

Believe me if I had the means, every single piece would be mine today.

I may just have tickets to London Fashion Week on the Friday when it all kicks off, the first (or second, I cannit decide on my favourite) would be the perfect piece. A girl can dream.

Ohh and by the way, I deleted about thirty comments the other day, totally by accident so apologies.


Thursday, 10 February 2011

match made in heaven.

Alexa Chung plus tba S/S '11.

What else?

Any one, any one at all know when this lovely piece will be at my disposal? A few items have creeped onto the urban outfitters website but no sign of this pretty little lot.

Apologies are due again for me being so slack with this man. I don't have an excuse this time. It has been pure laziness and making the most of my last year of uni. I have literally a matter of weeks left.

The good news; it's reading week next week so I am going to well an truly 'get back on it'.