Saturday, 24 September 2011

LFW: Inbar Spector.

Freemasons Hall provided the beautifully, lavish backdrop for Inbar Spector's eponymous, SS12 collection showcase. The audience were set to be wowed whilst the cream de la fash pack were cooing over Osman's buoyant silhouettes.

'Nightmares' and 'hell' were the inspirational buzz words of the press release that attendees were met by on taking up their seats. The initial strokes of the opera-esque soundtrack echoed the dramatic, extravagant designs that lay ahead. Complex constructions, crinolines and intellectual sophistication set high expectations for the impatient crowd. Staying true to her word, Inbar sent metallic brocade, amazingly intricate, sheer sculptures in candy floss pinks and pastel mints, floating down the catwalk in the most incredibly, voluminous shapes. A palette that triggered heavenly connotations.

A designer that is renowned for her trademark monochrome reputation, her SS12 offerings weren't all sorbet shades; black and white, mesh-sheer skirts and dresses provided the signature monochrome quotient and were teamed with gold, brocade, sculptural jackets, signalling an affirmative nod to the Gothic era.

The finale pieces provided a poignant talking point of the week; an engulfing cascade of white ruffles was played off against a never-ending, spiralling of metallic gold. The icing on an already, incredibly, aesthetically pleasing cake.
Photos via: Task PR

Luxurious creativity resounded from beginning to end.

A big thank you to Inbar's PR people who kindly slipped me an invite, literal hours before the scheduled starting time.


Friday, 23 September 2011

LFW: backstage bits & show snippets of KTZ.

Originally published on: Planet Notion

The premise for the show lay somewhere between the definitions of fierce and fiesty; models strutted down the catwalk with vampy lips, adorned in tribal embellishments, bondage harnesses and more buckles and leather straps than well.. a buckle factory. A promising, affirmative nod to the continuation of AW11′s fetish trend. House signature graphic prints and silhouettes provided the common theme.
Stylist: Alexis and assistant: Rachel.

The soundtrack was to hardcore party-goers’ tastes – an eclectic assortment of hardhouse classics. The attitude of the music was mirrored in every model’s attitude: strong walks and poignant pouts.
The journey from pre-show to finale can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster. Last minute decisions, misplaced shoes (Mario ended up offering his own to a male model) and kit-bag dashes cause uncountable levels of stress but the atmosphere backstage more than makes up for the literal sleepless hours, twenty hour days and survival diet of coffee that you inadvertently sign yourself up for on offering your services at a show.
PRs, photogs and everyone in between stand united in passion providing the driving force. The adrenalin backstage is unrivalled, it is honestly one of my favourite places to be. Make-up artists and models alike lap up the hype. It is worlds apart from the sublime aesthetic of the finished product; the actual show. An exclusive insight into the making of, it cements your appreciation and recognition as to how hard these people work for a twenty minute show. I only have the utmost praise.
A massive hats off to Alexis and her glamorous assistants – Joanna and Rachel. The girls sure know how to put on quite the show. And of course to the designer brains – Mario et al.
Models applaud Mario's catwalk appearance.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

LFW: every journo / editor / photog's worst nightmare.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but due to unforeseen circumstances or arguably, plain stupidity a spanner has been put in the works of my fashion week coverage. In my defence, it had been a long day. Over it. Moral of the story; left my camera memory card in Somerset House, sitting nice and snug in a press lounge computer. Nice one Helen. I am as gutted as you but let's not dwell on it; the handful of iPhone photos will suffice.

I write this on my hideously long treck back up North, laiden with fashion week flu, an imminent fashion week come down and too much to tell you.

In a word, or three; it was amazing. It sounds ridiculous but Somerset House is a world away from the trials and tribulations of real life. I saw so many beautiful people, clothes, shoes, jewellery; everything you expect from a global fashion capital and more.

The past few days have surpassed at ridiculous speeds; over far too soon. Highlights included meeting some favourite bloggers, including one half of LtS - Sally and being street style snapped by one of my all time faves - Carrie of Wish Wish Wish. It was lush to put a face to the words and photos of blogs that I avidly follow.
Street style snapped for Cosmo by Carrie

The LOOK lounge at Westfield Stratford City also qualifies as a favourite. Sophie gave an insightful chat on her journey to LOOK magazine. The girl has an amazing life story thanks to the success of her blog - Sophie Feels Better. I've said this so many times but the power of blogging is seriously underestimated. Sophie has been approached by a literary agent who are keen to publish a book based on Sophie Feels Better and there are even promised whispers of a TV show. She has helped an insane amount of women along the way, I only have the utmost praise for the girl. In her rare free time, she also writes a beauty blog dedicated to her love for lipsticks. I strongly urge you to check out both of her internet sensations.

I bagged three last minute invites to Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows, staged in the intimate yet elaborate confines of Freemasons Hall. Although my photos are no more, I shall post individual show reports on these before the weekend is out as I have pages of scribbles from all three and it'd be a shame not to.

Menswear day wins first prize for favourite fashion week day. Why, you ask? Cos I so totally had the pleasure of assisting the superbly stylish Alexis Knox again (CSLondon2k10) with the Koko to Zai (KTZ) show. I was summoned in the morning to help with pre-show prep meaning I got a pretty jammy deeks into the backstage workings of a show from pre-show to after party. Well nearly, I sacked that off in favour of bed.
KTZ Showroom, Most beautiful boy in the world and Charlene, models and Mario

Take me back.

Fashion is perceived as this frivolous, oh darling, freebie this, after party that; I have never seen a  group of people work harder srsly. I really think that that is something that comes as a surprise to all the writer, model, photographer, PR, event organiser wannabes out there. It is far from all glitz and glamour, not unless you're Anna Wintour of course.

Eyes peeled for more belated fashion week coverage.

Big up for hitting the 1000 follower target, I had noticed.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LFW: snapshot.

I would be perfectly content whiling away my life people watching on the terraces of Somerset House during fashion week. So many inspirational sights to be seen. Blink and you miss it. Street style snapping is harder than it looks. Here are a few snaps from days 3 and 4 at Somerset House. 
Photos via iPhone, proper ones will follow

Suprisingly enough I, myself have also been street style snapped a kanny few times. Will post links and photos in the weekends LFW catch up session.

Also, if you haven't already; this is worth a cheap laugh. See why I've been reluctant to do a vlog now do we?


Sunday, 18 September 2011

charity / vintage / thrift / w.e you wanna call it.

These are some things I bought during the week amidst my fashion week, wardrobe freak out. They come from my mother's favourite charity shop, its one of the better ones around here.
Grand total: £8

Aforementioned items have accompanied me to LFW as PG never gave me that sponsorship call.

DAY 1 of LFW. Bring it.

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also, if you see me around; DON'T BE SHY COME SAY HI.