Thursday, 25 November 2010


Oh dear, oh dear.

My beloved tba has fallen sin to TOPSHOP's lack of creative imagination.
It has well and truly been caught in its copycat trap.

To be honest I see it as a recognition of BinBin's beautiful creations ; a flattery. In fact, I am suprised it has taken this long for someone to brave ripping-off her adorable designs.

I have never ever been a fan of those snidey features in chatty magazines that go a bit like; wow get so-and-so's designer look from New Look / Peacocks / mix of shitty, cheap sweatshops. No, you won't look like Alexa Chung if you buy every item on this page, nor will you look like Fearne Cotton next week or anyone you ever see on these pages, for that matter. Learn this please.

Yes TOPSHOP is by no means cheap and shitty (the sweatshop debate is one of great controversy); it is the holy grail of the high street - there's no shying away from it. Nice try Philip Green but it's not the same is it really? Also, labelling it 'exclusive' does not make it anymore designer. No thanks. I prefer the real deal.

Here's the culprit....
TOPSHOP Velvet Lace Collar Dress

Does not equal this or this.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

blogging bug.

The Internet is bursting at the seams with online reads; from trivial insights to in-depth tutorials. If someone has an idea, there probably exists a blog to accompany it. The world of fashion is no exception, in fact, it is the most covered subject in the blogosphere. And what with the new craze of tablet technology (over sized iPhones) at our disposal, it is becoming even more the main to: blog, update, follow, like, tweet etc. on the go. 
Helen Turnbull spreads the blogging bug.

There exists an unwritten rule book for online bloggers. In a nutshell; its nothing you don’t already know about simple I.C.T design and online communication. Here are my top four be’s for getting your foot in the blogging door.

1. Be Original
With an umpteen amount of fashion blogs to compete with, it can be difficult to think up purely original content. The horrid truth is that someone, somewhere has probably already covered it. The key is to find a new angle, communicate your own unique perspective. People don’t want to read the same thing over and over again, that speaks for any sort of written publication. Big newsworthy posts are time-sensitive so be sure to post as quickly as possible. Vary your content, employ a few monthly regular features to facilitate consistency. The most influential and style forward blogs are those who not only offer consistent, original content – but exclusive stories, interviews and images which set them apart from the growing number of sites begging for your readers attention. Find your niche and run with it. Great content reaps the rewards; followers will literally follow.

2. Be User-friendly
Great content needs to go hand-in-hand with a user-friendly design. Blogging has fallen sin to the laziness of the human race. In the modern world, people no longer have the time or patience to trowel through pages of text. They come to the Internet for usability. You needn’t be a html guru. Google’s blogging platform, Blogger, is adequately equipped for blogging newcomers. Like anything, it comes with practice. Balance and consistency should be your main priorities.

3. Be a Self-promoter
You may be blissfully unaware but a decent site is only the beginning to securing a firm following. There exists a  plethora of social media platforms dedicated to fashion; a fashion facebook if you like. and Independent Fashion Bloggers are amongst my favourites. They allow you to upload, vote, fan, discuss comment, love, hype. You name it. Which all equate to building relationships with other bloggers which hopefully increases traffic and consequently, your fan base. It's a question I get asked time and time again; "how do you gain followers / rep / hype" etc. The honest truth is; establishing concrete relationships with fellow bloggers is the key to acquiring an enviable blogging rep. Promote yourself professionally. I, for one, am not a believer of the “follow me and I‘ll follow you” philosophy. In my eyes it defeats the object of blogging. The way I see it; drop your link here and there (social media forums, fashion articles, other blogs) with a genuine, relevant comment. Avoid the standard “I love your blog / outfit / shoes”, at all costs. This is  UNprofessional and only demonstartes that you're capable of using copy and paste. People make up their own mind whether they’re going to visit your page in the first place, never mind follow it.

4. Be a Frequent Poster
Don’t feel you need to post every single day, it’ll soon take over your life. There is such thing as blogging addiction. Three to four weekly posts is sufficient. Your dedicated followers will expect to be updated often but you do not want to bog them down with too much to keep up with.

A perfect productive procrastination. What are you waiting for? Go get your blog on.

Sorry for the longg post. Do realise I've totally contradicted myself in that this is def not a balance. Thought I'd share it nonetheless.