Friday, 18 June 2010

SHE wears the trousers.

In the home, the work-place, your local pub; you name the environment the consensus remains; your male counterpart always holds the upper-hand and why? Well, in a nutshell it tracks back to the traditionalist ideals of eras previous; the stay-at-home mother who takes care of domestic duties while the father is out fulfilling his rightful responsibility as the bread-winner. Today though, the roles of males and females are increasingly reversing with the emancipation of women. The fashion industry has followed suit so why not contradict the stereotypes with a good old bit of power dressing this spring.

A real stylish advancement from the fancy leggings, jeggings and treggings that have occupied prize place in any girl’s wardrobe for so long, not that its a bad thing but summer is an appropriate time to debut a refreshing wardrobe update. Introduce yourself to the harem trouser; yes, despite the longevity of the drop crotch pant never looking particularly healthy they were all over the runways for this coming spring and now it looks like the high street have taken a particular fancy to the unconventional pant. Topshop’s collection comes up trumps and presents a palette of neutrals for a real timeless, versatile investment. Pair with a close fitting top or crop to create a small-over-big silhouette; play up the masculine tones with girly accessories such as a hair band or a cutesy locket. This will add a hint of tomboy chic whilst sustaining femininity. The key is to perfect proportions so pair with your biggest heels and cinch in your waist. Not only will this avoid clown-like comparisons but you’ll have the trend nailed down to a t.
The high-waisted trouser is still very much in style. Stay safe with something fitted or go bold with a dramatic coat. ASOS’s range is a must-see; team a pair of staple peg-legs with a crisp-white, mannish shirt and statement platforms; youthful and minimalist modern chic, it creates the perfect girl about town look.
Casual can be done too; a revival of a statement childhood piece, the dungaree makes a comeback this summer, arguably a new take on the boyfriend jean; as a wave of utility reaches the fashion shores. A real ‘love or hate’ item, they do have fashion charm beyond toddler domain especially when worn with a semi-sheer blouse or pretty camisole and neutral heels. But if you want to do the whole country thing, pair with workman boots and an oversized lumberjack shirt – then the only added extra is a stalk of wheatgrass to chew on between in the rolling in the hay.
The statement print trousers, with patterns that could have been made from vintage wallpaper are the real contestants for style leader status this spring. A teaser for younger girls and feminine enough for the new 20ish girl take a look at ASOS for a satisfying fix; team these ditsy print trousers with bold jewellery for a sophisticated evening look.

With so many options, there is no excuse to not conform to this trend; there really is something for everyone. Prove that women really do wear the trousers and bring back girl power this summer.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

one for the Boys.

The weather heats up and its standard procedure that you boys don your pinstripe shorts, leather deck shoes and some hideously tight tank top. It is common knowledge amongst the female population that summer is a struggle to dress appropriately never mind stylishly, especially in this country. Nonetheless you have no excuse, standard is boring and the nautical trend, inarguably a timeless classic is becoming mundane and repetitive.

Consistently being reminded that you’re the fairer sex, summer 2010 is the perfect time to live up to the long-standing, macho stereotypes. Topman dares you to be different with their latest trend alert, coined ‘Tokyo Surf’ for the braver ‘boyos’. Hawaii meets Tokyo with a mix of brights, pastels, Maori-effect prints and dip-dye techniques. Gingham blazers work together with tie-dye tees and patchwork shorts for easy beach style. Mixing Tokyo street style with traditional beach-wear cool equates to a trend that blends style, function and individuality. I would play it safe and check out their online trend gallery (at for outfit inspiration before taking the big plunge.

Male rebelliousness is most contested in the leg-wear department, get it wrong and you risk a stint in the doghouse. OK it may go unnoticed with the lads but your female associates will not let it drop. The one salient commandment to abide by; don’t go too short. The carrot top cut are the revival of the skinny/slim/spray-on jean that have been dominating men’s and women’s wardrobes since I can remember. Worn on the hip and loose around the thigh, they gently taper into a skinny fit. These Topman stone crop carrot shorts fuse a summer staple; the short, with classic colouring, giving the versatility to be dressed up or down accordingly.

If you don’t feel quite accustomed to the British summer temperatures just yet, don’t feel shorts are the only option for summer style status. Chinos have accumulated tasteful eminence. Greet the sunshine in style with vintage washes, pleating details and/or slim fits. For the audacious, coloured chinos provide an alternative take on the standard beige washes. Again, Topman comes up trumps but Urban Outfitters’ range is also worth a look for an investment pair.

You no longer need to be nostalgic of the sixties beach house trend when it comes to summer dressing. This summer, epitomise masculinity by embracing the unconventional and standing out in the crowd. As a British designer once famously said; “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” Confidence should not be an accessory but the foundation on which style is built.

Dare to be different. Go on, I dare you.