Saturday, 23 June 2012

London Collections: Fashion East

Duffy, Craig Green, Astrid Andersen, Agi & Sam, Kit Neale

Fashion East put on quite the installation during the LCM schedule. I always find these presentation things a bit awks, in all honesty, as you blatantly stare at the models as they desperately avoid the 'I know I look like a twat eyes'. All the name of fashion though innit. After mincing around I implemented my innate journo initiative and grabbed Tom of t.lipop, while I could, for an interview.

I want LFW already (and a model boyf OH).


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week: UCA Rochester

I spent my evenings at the headliner shows of Graduate Fashion Week, last week. UCA Rochester was my first real taste of this year's alumni talent. After a FROW upgrade (SCORE) I watched intently as all variety of shape, design, print, cut and colour were paraded before me. The below were my faves.
UCA Rochester @ GFW

Two names worth noting: Callum Burman (designer and absolute babe) and Jimmy Q (neck-tattooed model who I just so happened to share a tube home with). Obligatory male model perving aside, these kids have bare skills and there's more to come where that came from.