Friday, 7 January 2011

stylish blogger award.

I've kindly been nominated for something called 'Stylish Blogger Award' by the lovely India.B you should definitely take a deeks over there, it's a very cutesy blog, even if its just to look at her lush outfits or watch her videos. To be honest, really didn't know what this crack was about but after doing some light googling all was revealed. Pretty much someone will nominate you, you then have share seven facts about yourself, nominate a handful of other blogs then mention your nominater (word?) in the post. It kindof goes round in a massive circle. Kanny.

So let's get personal..........

1. I earnt the nickname 'Crazy Helen' on the first night of freshers, it still haunts me to this day. Two years on.

2. I wish I could spend all day, everyday going for lunch. I have the world's biggest appetite serious. I'm one of those bitches who is naturally a bit on the skinny side.

3. I have already picked out what my first proper adult wage will be spent on - this and this.

4. If power naps didn't exist, I probably wouldn't. I sometimes wonder if I'm narcoleptic. Jokes I'm not that bad.

5. I find most things in life a proper joke. I laugh at everything. My repsone; it's better than crying.

6.  The Geordie accent used to make me cringe but nothing beats coming back to Newcastle and hearing "y'alreet pet?"

7. If I could swap lives with anyone it'd be a choice of Alexa Chung, Iwan Rehon's bit stuff or Our Cheryl(Cole obvz).

I never set out to make this blog all mememe but I suppose its what people want to hear on the occasion right? Get to know the author and all that. So there you are.

Here are my picks:
arty farty fashion party
fromage brie de la mer
hello you look pretty

Definitely check all of the above out and India.B of course. Massive thank you to her again.