Saturday, 22 September 2012

it wasn't all FROWs and freebz

Quite a lot of it was. For those clever enough not to spend the fair city's five day fashion week frenzy queuing with all variety of fresh-faced industry interns spurting shit like: "She thought she was like so high fashion" and "OMG do they not know who I am? I went to ASOS' press day and everything" FML, this was what it was all in aid of. All obviously lifted from my instagram so I'm saaarry if you've seen this all before (I'm not).

 Day One, show one: Fyodor Golan at the Waldorf

Backstage at Fam Irvoll with her fashion fam a lam

Token twats

Gordon from Tesco made a welcomed appearance on day two

Fred Butler's hip-hop honey bee gs

Another show, another backstage interview qqq

So many freebies that day

Meddeling with models

Christian Blanken show highlight

Friday, 21 September 2012

fifth and final day.

Shirt: Blitz Vintage, Slut trews: Monki, Shoes: Zara, Shades and Bowler: Topshop, Bag: c/o FROW Louise Gray

LFW went a lil something something like this: wearing clothes, watching too many good shows, interviewing many a designer and acquiring so many amaze freebies but now the bi-annual circus has left town, I must return to the real world where bodycon and bootcuts are actual things ewwwwwww.

Eyes peeled for the fruits of my labour >>>> Planet Notion