Friday, 8 April 2011

collar c/o.

It's so friggan hot, like actual get ya legs out weather. I should be in a beer garden right about now, not doing uni work and probably not this either.

This is the collar I won last week. Snapped these in my garden, ventruing into the great outdoors.

Nar my hair isn't tied up, it is actually this short.  I was sick of failing to grow it long and luscious so I finally manned up and got the chop the other day. You wouldn't be blamed for mistaking me for a 12 year old boy.
Jumper: Chairty shop, Collar: C/o Crazy Pig Ideas, Super Skinny Equestrian Trousers: Topshop, Wedged Desert Boots: Dorothy Perkins, Ring and Bag: C/o my sister.
I need some summer appropriate clothing. I am roasting.




Meadham Kirchhoff's second, TOPSHOP collab collection hits the high-street today. I'm not sure if I'm a fan.
The boys' S/S '11, high-street offerings comprise an odd mix of metallic tinsel skirts, leopard, breton and funky dyed style-e prints with your token summer florals. Add to that novelty skeleton socks thrown in amongst it. Say what.

MK for TOPSHOP S/S '11

Maybs its a grower.



Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jack Wills did a rudie.

Jack Wills Latest Catalogue Preview
Inappropriate or what?

It's not as if they're even sexy underwear. The 'fabulously British' label seems to have rudely mistaken itself for some sort of Anne Summers wannabe. Somehow, I don't ever think that that will be the immediate association with the mention of the words - Jack Wills. It's the antithesis of what it stands for: country living, quintessentially British, high quality, meticulously crafted clothing.

I have to ask Jack, what is with the tack? I just dont geddit. It doesn't suit your wholesome image.

Adding fuel to the fire, the above image is not the only one being branded as "overtly sexy" and "offensive". Nineteen people complained about a total of four of the pictures in its latest spring catalogue, stating that the images "were unsuitable for a catalogue targeted at teenagers.” Jack’s response? "The brand is aimed at university students over the age of 18." What with the slogan ‘university-outfitters’, this essentially bears a degree of truth. But when thirteen year old teenagers are championing the label, head-to-toe, it poses the question; is the brand even aware of their consumer market? This latest campaign suggests not.

Jack Wills has a notorious reputation at my university. I was whole-heartedly, blissfully unaware of what Jack Wills even was, before October 2008. With it being in York, I expected it to be some sort of fine, one-of-its-kind tea room. The hype over some fifty quid, frankly hideous pyjama bottoms just baffled me.

It's the university campus uniform, an image idolised by my brother's year nine, non-public school girl friends. It epitomises mummy bought me this and daddy got me that. It is the ultimate symbol of a public school, country house, fox shooting upbringing i.e. look at all my cash. It is the perfect illustration of 'coporate whoring', to which we are all guilty of, no question about it but this is the extreme. It is essentially a fad teenage wannabe rahs are buying into for only literally, the words "Jack Wills Lacrosse Club", to be plastered across their chests, thighs and apparently now their boobs and derrieres. Have you ever played lacrosse? Do you even know what it is? Probably not.

I'd rather spend the £98 you forked out for, what is essentially, a puffa jacket, in Urban Outfitters.

Yes I would love to be clad, head-to-toe Chanel / Chloe / McQueen. BUT that's 'cos they're amazing clothes and to be honest, I don't even think it's a worthy comparison contemplating. Just to clarify I am not hating on the concept of 'The Brand.'

As the Telegraph so eloquently puts its; “Parents have been fist-pumping in protest, most likely because they've realised they have been forking out £59 for a hoodie only for dear Cammy and Hugo to get down and dirty in it.”

Tru dat.



Apparently, as it transpires, the photos are part of their pitch to the American market where it faces tough competition from the likes of Ambercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and other 'hoody and tee giants'.
How to fight off this competition? Sell 'sex' obvz.

Monday, 4 April 2011

monday musings 003
That Collaboration Rumour.

Erdem S/S '11
Not the Royal Wedding Dress one, although Mr.Moralioglu isn't ruling that one out either. My thoughts on this? I wish someone would just hurry up and admit to it. The Sarah Barton will she, wont she saga is wearing thin. Surely, if it is you, then it's something that you couldn't help but be screaming from the rooftops, for the whole world to hear, no?

My interests are much more concentrated on something that will make a difference to my life, or my wardrobe at least. Dun dun dun.......

Who will fill Lanvin's H&M collaboration shoesies?

Your guess is as good as any, with names from Erdem to Tom Ford being tossed around the fashionable air, mass hype has amalgamated regarding this seemingly, 'deadly secret' subject, today.

Like with the case of Middleton and her exceedingly, impending dressmaker discovery, it seems that the Fashion Houses' top dogs are struggling to unveil any clues. I really don't get the appeal of keeping it under wraps. Why such a big secret? We're all fashionable friends here. We'll found out sooner or later. And the sooner you tell us, it won't become any less exciting, than if you wait a month.

Personally, I am championing the Erdem case. A glance over any season's lookbook and you'll understand why. A man who in, not only my eyes, has perfected the mastery of the ladylike frock.

It got me thinking; what is the appeal of that high-street collaboration? What makes the creative directors (and their army of pattern cutters and sewers etc.) of the world's most reputable fashion houses, dedicate precious time and efforts to producing a collection that sells for an absolute snip of its ready-to-wear pieces?

Its a simple answer of a high-profile, publicity stunt. Increased hype for said high-street store, setting it apart from its competitors and mass brand awareness is sprinkled over the high streets of the world, all thanks to the fact that the unattainable becomes attainable.

Yes, H&M's consumer market of teenage girls will by no means, contribute significantly, to said designer's, following season's takings, (well their 'mummys' or 'daddys' may) but the important fact is, that along with their new dress, they'll walk out of said high street store with a hell of a lot more brand awareness than when they entered. This spreads like the plague. All it takes is for a friend, acquaintance or relative to ask 'Oh, who's that by'? To which the smug teenager has the pleasure of replying; "It's Erdem". BOOM. 'I should be wearing Erdem', thoughts ensue.

What gets me though is, why, if all these high-flying, fashion names are so highly covetable, then why not let the whole world have access to it for all of five minutes (by the time it sells out)? Lanvin's collab with H&M last year pretty much sold out, the day of its launch. But then I suppose distributing it worldwide for any Tom, Dick or Harry to get their paws on it, is all too mainstream and diffuses the exclusivity of it all. And no-one likes a sell-out.

Still, if it is Erdem I would like a look in please. This has unintentionally turned into an I ♥ Erdem campaign. Just saying.

Debates aside, one thing is for certain, with Lanvin and Jimmy Choo on its books, the chosen one will have super-high expectations to live up to.

Thoughts or guesses?



Sunday, 3 April 2011



Why hasn't anyone coined that term before now? To my knowledge anyway.

In no real order; an assortment from LOOKBOOK and a few favourite blogs. Soo technically not strictly street style but its all style inspiration innit. All photos are linked to their credits.

Have you guessed the running theme? Yes, I need a maxi skirt in my life, prefs sheer and pleated.

In other news, I won this lush, studded collar courtesy of CrazyPigIdeas. I never win anything so I am buzzing. Photos will follow said item's delivery. Reminds me that I should probably sort out that giveaway, I promised 173 followers ago. Whups.

Have booked a trip to LANDANNN at the start of May. Buzzing in me tree.
I need some new haunts to divulge in.
Any suggestions welcome in the comments.