Saturday, 7 August 2010


Today, I found myself bumbling down Northumberland street BORED - a world away from the genuine excitement that the thought of new purchases used to fill me with.

It seems like high street fashion has jumped on the Letstrytorecycleeverymortalthing bandwagon the government is so profusley drumming into us.

I'm not a believer of disposable fashion or rather my financial situ ain't but howays I think I have had enough of floral prints to last me a life time.

Every summer we're instructed to don the ditsy prints, the paler shades of denim and generally pastel colour pallette. Where is the inspiration in that?
Boring. In a word.

I think I might ban myself from the 'pearly gates' of topshop for a while. Challenge myself to shop exclusively in charity shops.

There are hidden gems to be found on ebay so I've heard. I'm not its loyalest fan but people are always banging on about I got this lovely that and an adorable this.

So I guess its worth a shot.


Thursday, 5 August 2010

hollar for a collar.

Unhealthy obsession?

Compiled these favourite collared looks through browsing two favourite fashion social network sites of mine.

In all honesty, I prefer taking outfit inspiration from sites such as these as they are one hundred per cent accessible to the average twenty-something girl. Yes, I would love to lavish in a sheer silk Chloe shirt but net-a-porter is just going to have to wait.


Monday, 2 August 2010

this modern love.

This article appeared in the last issue of my University Newspaper last month. Enjoy.

Never have John Paul Young’s song lyrics been more true than this summer; love is truly in the proverbial air. That ‘air’ being; the catwalks and the high street. Romance is back with a vengeance. Think pretty pastels, gentle ruffles and lacey trims with all the frills.

My high-street hot spot for this fairytale fashion fix is Miss Selfridge. Admittedly, somewhat hit and miss but it is bang on for enviable romance pieces right now. 
Try one of their light-as-air dresses or blouses (or both)on its own or with a pair of staple denim shorts if the hem-line is a bit risque. Don't confine romance to daytime dressing; vamp it up of an evening with statement platforms. Guarenteed to get you the love, or at least a handful of compliments. And with a new branch opening in York's Topshop soon, what better excuse to treat yourself.

Lace is fast becoming a timeless classic; starting off as a mini-trend back in autumn '08 it shows no signs of dissappearing. Lucky for me and you I say. Lace is a lust-have for the romance trend. I bought a lovely white lace shirt from a vintage store in Newcastle recently. Worn with the appropriate undergarments, buttoned up and tucked into a pair of worn denim shorts or thrown over a tea dress it prettyfies any outfit. Be sure to check out the likes of DEEP and Purple Haze for a romantic steal before the end of term.

When it comes to jewellery think delicate and dainty. Quaint vintage boutiques are your best bet if you want a piece that every other person won't have in a few weeks time. Failing that, dig out or invest in the number one jewellery box staple; the string of pearls.

Now for the boys, that's right a masculine take on ‘Romance’ is guaranteed to earn you brownie points with your female associates. Get in touch with your feminine side. The same rules apply except; leave the lace. If pastel skinnies cramp your style try a light coloured tee. Topman's are two for £12 at the moment, plus student discount. The classic deck shoe has had a 'romantic' colouring make-over. Asides from your standard brown and leather numbers, there are an assortment of grey scale pairs on the high streetn ideal for a Summer update.

If you are struggling and find yourself blushing in the mirror with embarrassment and not the usual vanity;then check out Channel 4’s Frock-Me! with Alexa Chung and Henry Holland. Episode five is dedicated to the summer romance trend and has some valuable pointers. Girls like boys who (don't pretend to) know about fashion so see it as killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

Sorted; for a summer of love. You just need that hot summer fling to provide the perfect accessory.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

velvet dreams.

tba have come up trumps once again.

Velvet seems to be the favourited fabric for their latest collection. How fitting for the chills the winter months bring. Teamed with your standard black tights and huge heels.

I can see one of these beauties earning its rightful place as a winter wardrobe staple.