Friday, 31 December 2010

bloglovin' friday / happy new year.

That pretty much sums up my thinking.

I've kindly been mentioned in Toni's lastest bloglovin' friday feature at

The question was - What do you want to see / afford / wish / whatever for in 2011?

Very apt considering its the last day of 2010 today. People keep asking where the year has gone, I think the whole decade has flown.

I still need an outfit for tonight. The clock is ticking.

Have fun whatever you get up to.


Thursday, 30 December 2010

profile me: meadham kirchhoff.

Going against everything I believe in posting twice in a day.

I introduce - Meadham Kirchoff.

Brought to my attention about three weeks ago when trowelling through the rails of Oxford Street's Topshop in a desperate attempt to put together an outfit suitable for a black tie occassion - the British Fashion Awards. Coincidentally, the duo - NEWGEN designers, snapped up the award for Emerging Talent of the Year at the ceremony, presented by Alexa.

Once I returned home, I did some light googling, facebooking and uncovered a wealth of new favourite designs.

So who are they?

The British/French duo is made up of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. They both studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins - Edward; Womenswear and Benjamin; Menswear. They joined forces post-graduation and launched a menswear label, "Benjamin Kirchhoff".

In 2005 they were chosen to showcase their new-born label in Fashion East’s first MAN show, bringing them to the attention of a very impressed London Fashion scene. From there, in 2006, they extended their efforts to womenswear and thank god for that. Over the last few seasons, the pair have rightfully earned a name for themselves as the new avant-garde of the London Fashion Week schedule. Summing up their designs in three little words - "uncompromising, aware and individual", they have increasingly become fashion insiders' label of choice, debuting a collaboration with TOPSHOP in May this year which went down a storm.
I only hope they have more sorts of these 'gigs' lined up.

Loved for their edgy, yet beautifully melancholic collections, exquisite pieces that transcend seasons, their upcoming S/S '11 collection is inspired  by “susperia, My Little Pony and girls in all aspects.”

Every piece is stamped with their imitable, dreamy style and their S/S '11 offerings are no exception.

Feast your eyes on this lot.

What was set in wonderland of pink foliage, the S/S '11 preview at London Fashion Week provided quite a show. Admittedly an incredibly audacious choice of hair and make-up, it was all part of the aesthetics.

The collection comprises ethereal chiffon gowns of varying length, accessorised with chunky knit thigh-high legwarmers and patterned block heels. The gathering and cutwork detail emphasised the influence of layering in the designs. Dresses were worn over graffiti printed t-shirts or under thin baggy cardigans styled to drape off the shoulder and high-vis yellow and red painted leather bomber jackets. A welcome burst of colour.

Watch the show in its all its prettiful glory here.

The boys are in the process of launching a new site so watch this space.

Stockists: Browns, Liberty

under construction.

As the observant amongst you have probably gathered, the blog is undergoing a few urgent aesthetic changes.

It's all well and good having amazing content but it has to look a bit pretty too.
This is where I struggle.

Who's the lucky girl whose best friend is the most creative lady around and just so happens to be trained up in website design?

Yes, that's me. Score. You can find / follow Megan on twitter at @PrettyEvents

We're going to get exams out of the way first, then have a proper brainstorm to make the blog a bit more cool.

Fingers crossed by the end of January you will looking at the new and very much improved are you dressing up or dressing down?

It's about time. I have high hopes.

I cannot wait.

Back to the books for now, urgh.


Tuesday, 28 December 2010


As if another year end is upon us. Here are my favourite top five trends of 2010.

After much deliberation I eventually whittled it down to a measly five. There were mini-trends a plenty I would have liked to sneak in but I believe these five were the ONE.

5. Fashion Faux pas (pl.)

Socks and shoes? Double denim? SUSPENDERS!? Nothing could scream fashion police alert more than these three. That refused to be the case this year and in fact huge fashionable respect was gained with the sporting of one of these unconventional trends.

Whoever would think that the biggest going-out outfit dilemma would be which socks with which shoes? I don't know when, where or which genius decided that this cringey dad faux pas was suddenly cool but I think we all owe you a huge thank you.

Thanks to Henry Holland and Pretty Polly it was acceptable to rock suspenders out of the confinements of the boudoir. Provided the sell-out suspender tights weren't paired with anything remotely, stereotypically 'slag', they added a subtley sexy touch. I was definitely a fan. The whole of the high-street jumped on the bandwagon offering us their take on the trend. I bought mine from non other than Marks & Sparks.

Double denim sneaked its way into our lives, slowly but surely to earn a rightful place in my 2010 trend hall of fame. Please please please if you do try this at home, remember not to co-ordinate the colours. The term is double denim; two pieces of denim worn at any one time that is; not all over or matching denim.

4. The Nudist

Not literally. I mean in terms of colour palette, obvz. This is a trend which I cannot remember my wardrobe without. Sure to be crowned the new black of 2010, girly pinks were well and truly ousted with its arrival. Nude shades were everywhere this year, having dominated the spring/summer 2010 catwalks, from off-white through pale rose to gold. Delicious candy-floss shades in sheer and floaty fabrics gave glamour to girlish looks. Accessories were also big on this trend and it was even extended to the beauty counters with nude lips reigning supreme thanks to the Golden Globe awards.

3. Material Girls and Boys

Winter signified an epic switch to more substantial garments; those brave enough to weather the winter chills, thick enough to block the blustery winds. This winter we were kept snug with knits, leather, sheepskin and suede.

Nostalgic, fairisle knits made a comeback. Slouchy, waffle, or cable - chunky knits were well and truly embraced.

The leather jacket recieved a feminine update to become what would be known as the (SOLD OUT TOPSHOP) shearling aviator. But leather this year wasn't only in jacket form...

Leather and suede were no longer confined to the shoe lounge, extending their portfolios to the clothing rails of our high street. Shorts, skirts and jackets contributed to the main of the collections. Yet, the suede shoe trend fittingly remained. Ladies and gentlemen took their pick from so many variations of the cute dessert bootie.

2. SHE Wears the Trousers

The fashion industry jumped aboard, all hands on deck campaigning for girl power and urged us to man-up with a good old bit of power dressing this year.

Spring came laiden with variation of the unconventional, drop-crotch 'nappy' pant. I am, of course, talking about the harem trouser. The marmite of the leg department. I, personally, am not a fan but there were options a plenty to choose from: peg-leg, tapered, high waisted, statement prints, you get the idea. Pretty dresses and flouncy skirts were no longer the garment of choice for eveningwear, the statement piece was the jumpsuit. An outlet of the trouser trend completely misunderstood by the opposite sex.

Autumn got all grown up on us and saw a return of the previosuly favoured skinny styles in anything from equestrian lycra to country corduroy, ooh ar.

1. Hollar for a Collar

Admittedly a bias choice for the top spot but can you blame me? Yes, if you look at my hundred most recent facebook tagged snaps there is a running theme, slight obsession? Maybe. Bothered? Not at all. Kindly welcomed into my wardrobe by my only girl crush, dearest Alexa Chung, the collar emerged as the mighty mini-trend of 2010. Dresses, tees, shirts and blouses all got the collar treatment. Some stores stepped it up a level and even stocked separate collars you could attach to non-collared garments. Genius. A trend I hope will transcend through the seasonal trends of the next year; it remains to be a trend pulled-off equally by both men and women. Peter Pan or pointed; this one will show no signs of fading fast if I have anything to do with it.


Thursday, 23 December 2010

blogging interview debut.

The guys at emailed me over the weekend saying how they loved my blog and would like for me to feature in a blogging-themed interview on their site. I was flattered. An offer I couldn't refuse.

It went a little bit like this...

When & why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in July 2010 so I by no means consider myself a dab hand at this. I had moved back home from uni for the summer holidays. Friends and family had nagged constantly as they knew of my burning desire to become a fashion journalist. Up until then, I had been too lazy to get the ball rolling. I wanted to channel my thoughts and energy into something constructive. It acted as the pefect distraction from the split with my ex. So, with too much time on my hands, I finally made the move.

Why do you like blogging, and what makes you post?
To be honest I don't think I can pin-point why I enjoy blogging. I've always loved writing and fashion so having a fashion blog let's me fufills both these interests. I find the fact that people actually readamazing. I would've never have thought.

Most bloggers find it hard to get an audience, whats your advice?
That's no secret, it is hard and very time consuming. You have to be committed and a lot more goes into it then simply posting decent content. You have to NETWORK. Having a strong presence on the blogosphere is the best piece of advice I have ever been given. It is a cliche but it's a simple case of getting your name out there. Easier said than done right? Not strictly. Post your link on facebook, comment on forums, join networks - IFB and LOOKBOOK - participate frequently with genuine, related comments. Build relationships with fellow bloggers by commenting on their posts - show that you've took time to read the post.
Get Twitter also - I'm still struggling with how to work it but its handy to have.
It won't happen overnight but it'll be worth the wait.
A few other hinters - be original, have readable content and a personal writing style. 
Your blog should reflect your personality to some degree so don't go copying other's hardwork.

Why should okreko readers follow your blog?
I'm not a big believer of the philosophy 'follow me and I'll follow back'. It defeats the point of blogging, I feel.
If opinionated insights, fashionable experiences and interesting articles are your cup of tea then check me out.

Whats a typical day like in Helen's life?
Right now my days are mainly taken up by uni work or Christmas present shopping, followed by light blogging duties and catching up with my girls of an evening over a few glasses of wine.

Whos your favourite designer?
It would have to be Chanel as it is so effortlessly classy. My new obssession though is the duo that makes up Meadham Kirchkoff. Check them boys out.

Who or What is your biggest style influence?
Two words - Alexa Chung.
Street style is amazingly inspirational too.

If you had a fashion label what would it be called?
Eek, that's a toughie. It took so long for me to come up with a blog name, it'd take lifetime to do that.

What item of clothing do you wish more people wore?
Boys in desert boots and caps.
People need to learn to buy decent fitting jeans.

What item do you think is a must have right now?
A shirt and bow-tie combo.

Describe yourself in one word.

I really do love doing what I do but it makes it even more worth the while when people actually read it and I get so much positive feedback. I couldn't extend my gratitude far enough.

Thank you all.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010


As promised - London in pictures. I am more happy snapper than sell-out photographer.



it must be love.

I have been awaiting this literally heavenly moment a while now and oh hello you.

Thanks to Jade, my full attention has been brought to what can only be described as the BEAUTIFUL S/S '11 lookbook of my favourite. tba of course.

Those sherbet-y colours, touches of metallic gold, the adorable collars, the delicate lace detailing, etc etc.

In no particular order I give you...

tba SS11

I'm a fan of the pairing of the desert boots and socks combo.


When are you going to be in the shops please?


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

do me a favour.

Pretty please?

To my suprise I have made it onto the British Style Bloggers, Blog of The Month December shortlist. I didn't even know about it. It'd be hugely appreciated if you could all take two tiny seconds to click here and vote away.

Big up to the team at the team at British Style Bloggers for the nomination in the first place.

Obvz a huge thanks to everyone who votes.
Fingers crossed.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I am fully aware that I am a week late with this but turning twenty one with my best mate this weekend amongst other important social calls has kindof took over my life up until now.

I returned to the deserted, cobbled streets of York on Thursday with thee biggest hangover. It is a world away from thr hype of London. Talk about snap back to reality. Severe dislike. But with having had the best experience in London so far. British Fashion awards attendee yes please.

So after all the deliberation what did I wear? I made a last minute (standard) dash to Oxford St. opting for a green silk tulip skirt, H&M with a delicate Meadham Kirchhoff for TOPSHOP blouse and these wedges in black. I accessorizied with this, these plus vintage pendants. My patent navy vintage carry bag completed the look.
Pictures of the whole ensemble will follow in the next post.

My plus one- up and coming British knitwear designer - Bethan Juliff and I, were like over-excited little girls. We had noo idea what to expect.

After collecting a glass of champagne we were shown to our seats and welcomed by an 'exclusive' goody bag. Sitting eagerly, anticipating the start of the show.

Claudia Winkleman presented the main of the proceedings. She fully embraced the current cape trend sporting a black, sheer number. After the formalities she welcomed Harold Tillman - head of the British Fashion Council to speak. He was full of admiration for the British fashion industry and praise for its progression over the last year.

The whole evening was a bit surreal, breathing the same air as Alexa and Naomi eeek. I think it'll be amazing to look back and say I was there when they honoured the late Lee Alexander McQueen with the award for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design. Only rightly.

And the winner is...

Designer of the Year - Phoebe Philo, Celine Creative Director
Model of the Year - Lara Stone
Designer Brand of the Year - Mulberry
British Style Award - Alexa Chung
Accessory Designer - Nicholas Kirkwood
Men's Wear Designer - Patrick Grant of E. Tautz
Emerging Talent - Meadham Kirchhoff (I obviously saw this one coming)
Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator - Nicola Formichetti
Special Recognition Award- Naomi Campbell
Digital Innovation - Burberry.

Alexa was a humble winner saying - 'Oh god, my face really big on the screen, erm well this is awkward'. She looked stunning in an S/S '11 Chanel piece. Bizarrely, she said she'd chose her Chanel gown as she liked “to look like a four-year-old”. Yet, still managed to look so effortlessly stylish.

Naomi Campbell made an emotional acceptance speech, talking about the need to use more varied races on runways. The London born model said ' what I've seen recently is that I've seen it go backwards. We need to raise awareness again and need to start using women of colour more.' Implying that eliminating racial preference is still something that very much needs addressed by the industry. She was very appreciative of the award.

Another highlight was the film shown to accompany Burberry's digital innovation efforts. Never would you think that the iconic trench could be manipulated in some 2000 ways.

It was over in a flash. It gave me such an enlightening insight into the industry and where it all starts from - a spark of genious creativity is what it all comes down to. The high street would be nothing without the raw talent of young, artistic minds. It is refreshing to see them recognised in such a manner. I think the sheer hardwork of designers and their army of helpers is very much underestimated as its often only the glitz and glam of the exterior that we see.

Maybe just maybe, I shall be sat applauding future winners sat between the camps of Mulberry and Burberry one day. But for now I am just thankful for the opportunity.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

christmas wishes.

I'm not huge on the whole laborious, over-rated affair that the festive season embodies itself as but the one thing I do still conform to is compiling a 'if I had all of you, I would be a very happy girl' list.

All I want for Christmas is all of you, pretty please. If you ask me. I reckon its pretty reasonable. Mammy may beg to differ.

ASOS, Burberry, tba, Olympus Pen, Chanel, Topshop, O&O

Cheers Santy baby.Throw in a trip to New York if you fancy.


Friday, 3 December 2010

material girl.

Hiya new feature - may I introduce to you my first guest blogger post. Written by my beautiful favourite Chineeese gal, Liz.

As winter tightens her icy grasp over England, we are faced with the horrid realisation that bare legs have overstayed their welcome. Tanned skin is very much faded and it is now time to reluctantly admit that our trusty ray-bans should retreat somewhat sheepishly into their cases; nostalgically dreaming of sunnier climes.
However, despite the adverse weather, winter for the fashionista is a far cry from the doom and gloom cloaking England. Winter, signifies an epic switch to more substantial garments; those brave enough to weather the winter chills, thick enough to block the blustery winds and chic enough to stop any man in his tracks. This winter look to four essentials, all tactile, all textural and all promising to leave you hot to trot. It is with great pleasure that I present knits, leather, sheepskin and suede.

The time has come to dig out those nostalgic knits lurking deep in the cave of your grandmother’s wardrobe, to brush away those mothballs and to seize this season’s knitwear which is bigger and bolder than ever before. Whether its slouchy, waffle, or cable – knitwear caters to any look. Try classically chic: a slim knit, cinching skinny waist belt and floor length skirt. Quintessentially quirky: vintage levi cut-offs, cropped tee and grandpa cardi or melancholic grunge: leather skirt, sheer blouse and freyed cardigan. It is time to embrace those warm folds full of love and memory, for knit is a trend which is effortlessly easy.

To accompany these winter warmers is the leather jacket. You’re immediately thinking biker right? This season while the biker remains, the fruitful fashion world kindly offers a more feminine, slash less rocky alternative. If there’s one coat you buy this winter let it be a shearling aviator. Warm, snug and super cool this jacket is soaring along both catwalk and high street.  Look to chocolate brown leathers with shearling collars. Mix these with cream knits, thick tights and denim shorts or alternatively a tucked in knit, high-waisted skinny trousers and some cheeky lace-up booties. Whistles’ Anika flying jacket is a lust-have at £325, however TOPSHOP also have a great range which is still easy on the eye but also kinder to ones pocket.

Alternatively, for a more authentic and individual look, some vintage chains like Beyond Retro and Rokit offer a range of real aviation jackets. But be warned, finding the correct size can be tricky and laborious, but this makes success all the more sweet.

Furthermore, leather this season isn’t only in jacket form. Urban Outfitters have a sleek leather skirt in their range as do TOPSHOP.  Also, as grown up trousers remain hot this season (high-waisted and tailored), leather brings another texture to the table. Sophisticated, grown up yet playfully sexy.

Alongside the rails of many a high street store of these edgier leather pieces sit its counterpart; suede. Leather and suede are textures standardly confined to the shoe lounge. However, this winter that is no longer the consensus. Suede has extended its portfolio to the clothing rails of our high street. Shorts, skirts and jackets contribute to the main of the collection. Yet, the suede shoe trend fittingly remains. Ladies, take your pick from dessert boots to subtlely detailed platforms. For the boy; a trusted brand with a stylish update, I give you the suede Vans plimpsoll.

Options a plenty.

Without further ado I bid you a snug winter.

Follow these trends and you’ll have no choice but to be, excuse the pun, hot property.
 1.Whistles, 2.Vans, 3.NEAL, 4.Won Hundred, 5.ASOS White, 6&7.TOPSHOP, 8.River Island, 9. Rag&Bone


Thursday, 25 November 2010


Oh dear, oh dear.

My beloved tba has fallen sin to TOPSHOP's lack of creative imagination.
It has well and truly been caught in its copycat trap.

To be honest I see it as a recognition of BinBin's beautiful creations ; a flattery. In fact, I am suprised it has taken this long for someone to brave ripping-off her adorable designs.

I have never ever been a fan of those snidey features in chatty magazines that go a bit like; wow get so-and-so's designer look from New Look / Peacocks / mix of shitty, cheap sweatshops. No, you won't look like Alexa Chung if you buy every item on this page, nor will you look like Fearne Cotton next week or anyone you ever see on these pages, for that matter. Learn this please.

Yes TOPSHOP is by no means cheap and shitty (the sweatshop debate is one of great controversy); it is the holy grail of the high street - there's no shying away from it. Nice try Philip Green but it's not the same is it really? Also, labelling it 'exclusive' does not make it anymore designer. No thanks. I prefer the real deal.

Here's the culprit....
TOPSHOP Velvet Lace Collar Dress

Does not equal this or this.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

blogging bug.

The Internet is bursting at the seams with online reads; from trivial insights to in-depth tutorials. If someone has an idea, there probably exists a blog to accompany it. The world of fashion is no exception, in fact, it is the most covered subject in the blogosphere. And what with the new craze of tablet technology (over sized iPhones) at our disposal, it is becoming even more the main to: blog, update, follow, like, tweet etc. on the go. 
Helen Turnbull spreads the blogging bug.

There exists an unwritten rule book for online bloggers. In a nutshell; its nothing you don’t already know about simple I.C.T design and online communication. Here are my top four be’s for getting your foot in the blogging door.

1. Be Original
With an umpteen amount of fashion blogs to compete with, it can be difficult to think up purely original content. The horrid truth is that someone, somewhere has probably already covered it. The key is to find a new angle, communicate your own unique perspective. People don’t want to read the same thing over and over again, that speaks for any sort of written publication. Big newsworthy posts are time-sensitive so be sure to post as quickly as possible. Vary your content, employ a few monthly regular features to facilitate consistency. The most influential and style forward blogs are those who not only offer consistent, original content – but exclusive stories, interviews and images which set them apart from the growing number of sites begging for your readers attention. Find your niche and run with it. Great content reaps the rewards; followers will literally follow.

2. Be User-friendly
Great content needs to go hand-in-hand with a user-friendly design. Blogging has fallen sin to the laziness of the human race. In the modern world, people no longer have the time or patience to trowel through pages of text. They come to the Internet for usability. You needn’t be a html guru. Google’s blogging platform, Blogger, is adequately equipped for blogging newcomers. Like anything, it comes with practice. Balance and consistency should be your main priorities.

3. Be a Self-promoter
You may be blissfully unaware but a decent site is only the beginning to securing a firm following. There exists a  plethora of social media platforms dedicated to fashion; a fashion facebook if you like. and Independent Fashion Bloggers are amongst my favourites. They allow you to upload, vote, fan, discuss comment, love, hype. You name it. Which all equate to building relationships with other bloggers which hopefully increases traffic and consequently, your fan base. It's a question I get asked time and time again; "how do you gain followers / rep / hype" etc. The honest truth is; establishing concrete relationships with fellow bloggers is the key to acquiring an enviable blogging rep. Promote yourself professionally. I, for one, am not a believer of the “follow me and I‘ll follow you” philosophy. In my eyes it defeats the object of blogging. The way I see it; drop your link here and there (social media forums, fashion articles, other blogs) with a genuine, relevant comment. Avoid the standard “I love your blog / outfit / shoes”, at all costs. This is  UNprofessional and only demonstartes that you're capable of using copy and paste. People make up their own mind whether they’re going to visit your page in the first place, never mind follow it.

4. Be a Frequent Poster
Don’t feel you need to post every single day, it’ll soon take over your life. There is such thing as blogging addiction. Three to four weekly posts is sufficient. Your dedicated followers will expect to be updated often but you do not want to bog them down with too much to keep up with.

A perfect productive procrastination. What are you waiting for? Go get your blog on.

Sorry for the longg post. Do realise I've totally contradicted myself in that this is def not a balance. Thought I'd share it nonetheless.


Friday, 19 November 2010

u o catalogue.

Oh no you di-nt.

I want all. of. it.

Anyone else think the collection has a French vibe to it? The shoot at least. The models are lush, especially the boys. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

british fashion awards invite.

Yes please. I had confirmation of tickets tonight by a Miss. Harry Waters. Big up.

For anyone who doesn't know, The British Fashion Awards are a long-standing ceremony (established in 1989), organised by the British Fashion Council, held anually celebrating the success and creativity of the British fashion industry. This year, the venue of choice is the Savoy theatre in Westminster. And I, and my privileged plus one will be there too, breathing the same air as Alexa and friends.

The ceremony recognises those who have made outstanding contributions to British clothing design during the year. The awards include that of British Designer of the Year, Best Accessory Designer, Best Menswear Designer - you get the picture. The ceremony is pretty much an excuse for a celebration of the reputation and development of the British fashion industry. I cannot wait.

The selection panel comprises that of a collection of renowned fashion editors and store buyers. 

The nominees were announced at the beginning of September. Victoria Beckham faces tough competition from the likes of Mulberry, Pringle and Burberry for the Best Designer Brand of the Year Award. I'm personally backing Burberry.

A slight change to the proceedings this year in that they are opening the voting for the British Style Award to the public. You can cast your vote here but you must be registered with the British Fashion Council to do so.

Included in the running are: Alexa (obvs), Cheryl Cole (why?) Daisy Lowe, Lily Cole and the usual suspects - VB, Emma Watson, Stella McCartney.

Models Nominated (+David Gandy)
 Roise Huntington-Whiteley and Lara Stone

The dress code is black tie, whattowearwhattowear.
Excited doesn't begin to cover it.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

red head.

Chill, not going to suddenly turn this into a beauty blog - truthfully I don't have enough care / interest / knowledge of the subject.

This is my latest (unhealthy?) obssession. But don't actually think I currently have the balls enough to actually materialize this wish. And as I've teased my sister for years for being a 'ginge' it'd be massively hypocritical of me.
My hair is unbelievably dark. Bored of it.

Decisions decisions..


Saturday, 13 November 2010

short and sweet.

This festive season's dresses are exactly that. Inspired by the original mini dress sihoulette of the sixties.
Made iconic by petite pin-up Twiggy


Friday, 12 November 2010

001 Ones to Watch - November.

Going to have a ones to watch - as in a handful of blogs to follow each month. Couldn't decide whether it was best to post at the start or the end of the month. Here it is now as proper blog posts are few and far between these days. I have a very welcome reading week next week so I'll be sure to be investing some time into some decent, reader worthy posts.

1. Style Scrapbook
Professional blogger, Andy Torres, shares outfit inspiration at with her daily look posts. She complements the highest of high end with high street pieces. Andy, also gives informative reports of the latest runway shows she’s attended. A definite blogging pin-up, she shows how a passion like fashion blogging can be transformed into a very worthwhile, fulfilling career.
2. Ring My Bell
Secret Diary of Call Girl actor, Ashley Madekwe offers realistically affordable styling ideas at Ashley’s favourites include Topshop and ASOS amongst the Miu Miu freebies. Her shoots are adorable.

Graphic student, Lily Melrose, the brains behind, illustrates just how easy fashion blogging can be. Her recommendations and reviews on all things high street are invaluable. With a generous wealth of followers, Lily has earned an extremely credible reputation in the blogosphere.

4. Thrills and Frills
The twenty-something author shares her stylish musings at picking out quirky fashionable finds. The amateur photography is a refreshing difference to the staged, edited illustrations that fill most fashion blogs. There’s a fine line between fashion and photography blogs these days.

5. Suck My Savy
Graham Haynes at provides a kooky style inspiration fix for the boys without being queer; a rare find in the male fashion blogosphere.

If you’re serious about fashion blogging and need a heads up don’t hesitate to email any of the above authors. In my experience, they’ve been pretty willing to offer their advice.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

oh jeffrey..

Jeffrey Campbell was supposed to remain out of reach forever but he's only gone and made himself so very available.
Cheers OFFICE.

Not a Lita in sight though. That's probably a good thing.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

TOP THREE: Pick of the Pack

The backpack/rucksack/knapsack - however you choose to name it, preaches more school nerd than super cool style icon. However, this ninetys trend is back with a vengeance; the number one neeky accessory has had a stylish reinvention thanks to the guys at Tory Burch. Backpacks now come in everything from leather and suede, to canvas and nylon, in earthy tones. A refreshing revival of the functional padded, clunky backpacks that I was forced adorn to as a child.

Totally unisex - another worthy passenger on the boyfriend bandwagon.

Here’s my three favourites:-

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Jumping on the bandwagon... 20 little days.

Catering for men and women, Albert Elbaz showcases his Lanvin Heart H&M Collection. Whilst the womenswear pieces cannot be faulted with their intricately detailed, gorgeous designs, the menswear range is somewhat of a disappointment. However, having said that, what percentage of the total male cliental for H&M even knows what Lanvin is let who Lanvin is and the significance of this collaboration? Harsh, but true. I bet you anything, if you ask the average Joe they wouldn't be able to respond with even a near guess to the correct answer. It is for these reasons I ask the question; why H&M? Surley the range would be more suited to the kooky backdrop of Urban Outfitters for example hanging amongst fellow well-established designer brands? To me, H&M seems a perculiar choice of retailing platform. Nevertheless I wait in anticipation for the real deal. 


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Afraid to admit it? Yes, me too. But there's no shying away from the fact that winter is well and truly homing in on us. With daylight saving having ended in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was the reluctant confirmation to the end of British Summer Time. Now definitely is the time to well and truly button up, wrap up to warm up.

Decisions, decisions...

The Trench
A perennial wardrobe staple, recognised by its timeless structure, sophisticated shape and colour and ageless appeal, the trench has had a stylish update. Designers and high street have toyed with fabrics, detailing and lengths. Admittedly not the cosiest of options but buy a size bigger to allow for layering up. The aim is to achieve more wartime hero and less Inspector Gadget. Bear that in mind when dressing a trench.

Top 3
Zara Canvas Trench
Miss Selfridge Stone ruffle mac
TopshopContrast Panel Trench

The Cape
An unconventional newcomer to a cosy winter wardrobe, the cape has been welcomed with open arms by high street and designer alike. Having made a subtle entrance on the runways in 2009, designers have embraced the cape as an A/W '10 must-have staple piece. Texture plays a big part with capes in a variety of weights and fabrics from silk and wool to velvet and fur. The cape can cover all manner of sins when worn with the right outfit; the key is balance. Stick to skinny trousers for a svelte, sophisticated approach, or for an equally forgiving look, team with a dignifyed see-through maxi and tights. Stores are awash with reworked designer-inspired pieces that are tiered, cinched, collared and hooded.

Top 3
Asos Parka Cape
Miss Selfridge Camel Cape
Topshop Wool Buckle Cape

The Fur Coat
An absolute hit winter after winter, you needn't pay high end boutique prices for a classic that'll last you the years. Wear what you wish underneath, fur is luxurious, elegant and adds a touch (bucket loads) of glamour and class. If wearing second-hand clothing does not phase you (some people profusely oppose it), I have to say it, charity shops are your best bet and for cheap prices too. Ebay can also be a furry haven. But if you'd rather have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you're getting, then your usual high street chains have a decent collection amongst them but with a heftier price tag.

Top 3
We are Cow - Stores in Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham and Birmingham

The Boyfriend Coat
Having traipsed up and down the high street and scrolled through every thinkable online stores' outerwear offerings, I have concluded that I will be sporting the recurring mannish trend in my choice of winter wrap up. The style scale starts from an extension on the S/S phenomena; the boyfriend blazer - loose shape, straight silhouette, longer length but in a heavier fabric such as mixed wool. At the other end of the spectrum are the Pea Coat styles; characterised by broad lapels and double-breasted fronts. If you're feeling especially brave, opt for a genuine menswear piece. The whole idea is that they're meant to be oversized and look as if you've just thrown your boyfriend's coat on. This is the most appealing factor of this style - no rules apply- literally effortless style.

Top 3
Topshop Large Revere Boyfriend coat
French Connection Frozen Fancy Coat
Cheap Monday Lindsay Zip Pocket Coat

If I could have it my way, I'd have the pick of the high street's finest of each, but unfortunately that's not a move my ever dwindling overdraft will thank me for. But it certainly pays to invest in one trusty winter warmer. Take your pick.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

i want..


Feast your eyes.

As much as I hate on the TOPSHOP bandwagon, every once in a while something strikes me and I become obsessed until it is in my possession.

This is beautiful. Very tba-esque don't cha thing?

It looks like it could've come straight from the back of a Victorian lady.

I want it now.

Friday, 22 October 2010

primark praise.

Today. Wandering aimlessly out of Primark on a thirty minute time-constrained lunch break, I stumbled across this beauty. For a tenner.

Collar  Jersey Dress

Ring any bells TOPSHOP?

I also snapped up a pair of these babies for a snip at 15£. Yes I'd rather they were Prada than Primark but they'll do the job quite nicely and my ever depleting overdraft will thank me in the long run..

Excuse the shitty Blackberry photography.

Black Suede Desert Boots
This only adds crudentials and justification of Primark's place in my subconscious, high street hall of fame.

Not so long ago I was greeted by this velvet skater dress whilst having the desperate cry all too familiar to the female race; I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TONIGHT. It was definitely true up until this miracle maker graced my eye-line.

Velvet Skater Dress
I had been on the hunt for a while and who would of thought it; Primark of all places would be the one to answer my prayers. Needless to say it was welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms.

According to reputable fashion forecasts embracing the Velvet Vixen is a must for A/W '10 so get on it. They also do the dress in a gorgeous ruby red. Jackets, bodycon skirts, leggings etc the same colours and a midnight blue complete the velvety collection.

If its not obvious yet, I am very impressed by the stores ensembles over the last few months. Consistently surprised but impressed nevertheless. Way back in April, I picked up this lovely lace shirt. Must say, it probably has been overworn- it is extremely versatile. Also a tenner.

White Lace Shirt

I suppose what I'm trying to say is - Big up yourself Primark.

It just goes to show that fashion finds are in the most unsuspecting places, you just have to be willing to put the effort into that find. Ok tackling Primark may not constitute effort in any other city but having to face the whole charva (chav) population of the North East in the same place at the same time - Northumberland St. Newcastle - can be kanny scary. So yes that is effort in itself.

One lesson I've learnt lately; do not underestimate the high-street.

Yes, I can totally empathize when you buy that dress from TOPSHOP then two weeks later every Tom, Dick and Harry has it but at a snip of the price you forked out for it. But..... fashion is all about adding individual flair anyhow, so as long as you accessorize said dress with your creativity no one can rain on your parade.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

a/winter wish slash hit list.

I've decided to do a seasonal hit list and make it a regular feature. I'm currently racking my brains on ways to improve my blog. I think having 3-4 regular features a month is the starting point as I think it's the best way to maintain reader interest as it facilitates consistency. Personally, I think that's what fashion blogging is all about; finding your niche and running with it. So watch this space.

Back onto this post - yes I'm very aware we are in the full throes of a/w so a bit behind on that front but here it is anyway. A wish list in that I can only dream in owning the entirety of it but a hit list in that each item is an absolute lust have. 

In no particular order...

Bare in mind this is not an exhaustive list- I don't think any girl's could ever possibly be described as that.
Call it what you will: wish list, hit list, the bare essentials etc etc.

I'm off to Bristol tonight for the week on a crash course come privaleged behind the scenes insider into the world of journalism.

Will keep you posted.