Friday, 20 April 2012


To mark all fan girl moments like srsly. So you all know I fly the Notion mag flag like there's no tomorrow right? I've been jumping with joy since the new ish landed in my mitts this arvo. It is lush and it is fab and you should read it and it definitely has my face in and I definitely wrote some bits so that definitely warrants a read and and and just do it.
Aptly titled the London Love issue (someone has been stalking my facebook albs, say whut), it celebrates all that we love in London. And y'all how much I shout and tweet about that so I guarantee it's worth a read. Rita Ora graces the cover looking hot right now - a devilish beaut cover.

Seb gave me a kick up the arse tonight to make sure I keep on top of this thing while the jounro-ey tries to sap every inch of my creativity. And so HI. Revel in the fruits of my labour while I outline the reasons for my inadvertent disappearance:

This weekend's to-do list, in order of importance:
- Return a skirt
- Buy foundation
- Eat Sunday roast with a fashion friend
- Write and pitch more features than there are hours in the day
- Compile 2x sets of interview questions
- Revise for 3x exams
- Teach myself Politics
- Try not to break the 2/4 week detox