Friday, 3 December 2010

material girl.

Hiya new feature - may I introduce to you my first guest blogger post. Written by my beautiful favourite Chineeese gal, Liz.

As winter tightens her icy grasp over England, we are faced with the horrid realisation that bare legs have overstayed their welcome. Tanned skin is very much faded and it is now time to reluctantly admit that our trusty ray-bans should retreat somewhat sheepishly into their cases; nostalgically dreaming of sunnier climes.
However, despite the adverse weather, winter for the fashionista is a far cry from the doom and gloom cloaking England. Winter, signifies an epic switch to more substantial garments; those brave enough to weather the winter chills, thick enough to block the blustery winds and chic enough to stop any man in his tracks. This winter look to four essentials, all tactile, all textural and all promising to leave you hot to trot. It is with great pleasure that I present knits, leather, sheepskin and suede.

The time has come to dig out those nostalgic knits lurking deep in the cave of your grandmother’s wardrobe, to brush away those mothballs and to seize this season’s knitwear which is bigger and bolder than ever before. Whether its slouchy, waffle, or cable – knitwear caters to any look. Try classically chic: a slim knit, cinching skinny waist belt and floor length skirt. Quintessentially quirky: vintage levi cut-offs, cropped tee and grandpa cardi or melancholic grunge: leather skirt, sheer blouse and freyed cardigan. It is time to embrace those warm folds full of love and memory, for knit is a trend which is effortlessly easy.

To accompany these winter warmers is the leather jacket. You’re immediately thinking biker right? This season while the biker remains, the fruitful fashion world kindly offers a more feminine, slash less rocky alternative. If there’s one coat you buy this winter let it be a shearling aviator. Warm, snug and super cool this jacket is soaring along both catwalk and high street.  Look to chocolate brown leathers with shearling collars. Mix these with cream knits, thick tights and denim shorts or alternatively a tucked in knit, high-waisted skinny trousers and some cheeky lace-up booties. Whistles’ Anika flying jacket is a lust-have at £325, however TOPSHOP also have a great range which is still easy on the eye but also kinder to ones pocket.

Alternatively, for a more authentic and individual look, some vintage chains like Beyond Retro and Rokit offer a range of real aviation jackets. But be warned, finding the correct size can be tricky and laborious, but this makes success all the more sweet.

Furthermore, leather this season isn’t only in jacket form. Urban Outfitters have a sleek leather skirt in their range as do TOPSHOP.  Also, as grown up trousers remain hot this season (high-waisted and tailored), leather brings another texture to the table. Sophisticated, grown up yet playfully sexy.

Alongside the rails of many a high street store of these edgier leather pieces sit its counterpart; suede. Leather and suede are textures standardly confined to the shoe lounge. However, this winter that is no longer the consensus. Suede has extended its portfolio to the clothing rails of our high street. Shorts, skirts and jackets contribute to the main of the collection. Yet, the suede shoe trend fittingly remains. Ladies, take your pick from dessert boots to subtlely detailed platforms. For the boy; a trusted brand with a stylish update, I give you the suede Vans plimpsoll.

Options a plenty.

Without further ado I bid you a snug winter.

Follow these trends and you’ll have no choice but to be, excuse the pun, hot property.
 1.Whistles, 2.Vans, 3.NEAL, 4.Won Hundred, 5.ASOS White, 6&7.TOPSHOP, 8.River Island, 9. Rag&Bone