Tuesday, 11 October 2011

writer's block.

A brave delving into the are you you dressing up or dressing down? archives this evening has revealed a distinct lacking of thought-provoking, good read articles. The whole initial purpose of these pages was to showcase my writing, in the vain hope that that editor may happen to stumble across it. Writing is my pursuit, not necessarily in fashion and a shit loada visual wish lists ain't gonna get me any higher on that career ladder. You hear me?

It's been a good age since I wrote something worthy of internet air time. My excuses: lack of direction / inspiration / motivation. I intend to translate that lack into an abundance. The blogosphere is overflowing with regurgitations  copy cats and sell-outs; I don't wanna be no sheep.

Who knows how long it'll take but you'll be the first to know about it.

Bare with.


Monday, 10 October 2011

trending: dalmatian dots.

A trend for which my enthusiasm has escalated on the return home from London, couple a weeks ago. One evening, after a day of street style snapping and champagne sipping, I made the notorious school boy error of heading Oxford Street bound. Why such an error you exclaim?


No wonder the calibre of street style in the city is second to none; residents and tourists have a fashionable haven at their fingertips. Jealous? Me? Nahhh (blatant lies, duh).

Woah tangent but pretty much a good half of those mental wish list items were Dalmatian print emblazoned.

Lemme paint a better picture:

If that weren't enough to get me excited about leopard prints latest rival, Lily goes and posts this. Friggan ingenious. It has been said before, I am no creative queen and my hands are far more content with biro or eye-liner in hand as opposed to any other artistic tool. That aside, I gots my paws (wheyy) all owa it.

I was unhealthily obsessed with the Disney film as a bairn- this new take on animal print is bringing the memories right back whilst adequately filling that void left by the lack of a pet Dalmatian as a kid.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

another bandwagon boarded.

And so, apparently I have added a tumblr to my list of internet obsessions. I have been wanting a place, that isn't my lil old laptop's thousands of photo folders, to shove inspiration and extra pieces. Looks like tumblr has that job. I have NO idea how it all works so do bare with.