Saturday, 16 April 2011

going missing.

For a while.

I'm taking a break. The combo of fashion interning and 'uni work' is taking its toll so I'm listening to my mother; "if you spent as much time doing your uni work as you do on that bloody blog you'd be on a first". Not completely true but she does have a point.

When I return there will be posts a plenty, that giveaway which seems like a distant memory and maybe an extra little treat so do keep your eyes peeled.

As of two weeks today, I will be free as a bird from the clutch of exams. Gerrin'.

Why I'm telling you all this at 7am on a Saturday morning, god only knows. Have mint weekends. I'm sight-seeing London with my sister.
Must-see suggestions are muchly welcomed;
there's only so many times a girl can walk the length of Oxford St. in one week.

Keep in touch


Thursday, 14 April 2011


Ever since I can remember, well ok for the last few weeks, at least, my social network news feeds had been inundated with #pressday trended tweets / likes / links and comments. Sitting at home, green in the face, a girl could only dream of actually being there. Thanks to an extremely last minute - I have this lovely lady to thank, fashion assistant internship, I got a glimpse into the big and scary but AMAZING world of press days.
Philip Lim 3.1.
Opening Ceremony / Nicholas Kirkwood

Just Cavalli.
A mis.
GANT kiddies.

 It was worth trekking all over London after all.
More photos will follow over the weekend. I plan on having a post party to make up for my pro longed no show this past week. Life has been crazy. Twitter is the best place to catch me if you have any burning questions or if you just want a nose into my current day-day going ons.