Wednesday, 25 August 2010

manchester musings.

I’m on my way home from a delightful few days in Manchester.

I can't believe I've been so oblivious to the city's fashionable offerings. Why is Newcastle so renowned for its shopping appeal? It ain't got nutin' on Manc. However, there is as essence of unattractiveness about the place. A male associate of mine says the whole place smells like vomit. That's an exaggeration, its not that bad but it is kanny trampy so I'll give him that. Don't be put off though, you soon get over that with the selection of shops that await you.

The first massive error of my trip was discovering that Urban Outfitters stock my beloved tba. How come I did not know this!? That's embarrassing. Not going to lie, I prefer Manchester's Market St version to the over-hyped Oxford St store. I won't bore you with the luxuries I wish were so much more accessible to me as we'd be here forever.

The second and third- Hello American Apparell, Hello Fred Perry. If only my funds would stretch to such high places.

I take back the hatred for the high street I expressed in my previous post. I don’t know if its me and that I’m bored of Northumberland St but the high street has somehow been reaquainted with its appeal.

I picked up this goodybag of treats......

Then there’s the vintage shops and boutiques. I only had the time and the tolerance for the thunder and lightning to check out two- COW on Piccadilly Gardens and POP boutique on Oldham St.

Cow is my favourite of the two but for the boy, check Pop. That same male associate who so tastefully describes the city as 'vomit infested', purchased this beaut of a Harrington Jacket in blue. Abs snip at 25£.

We seen a Fred Perry superior in Sarah Coggles, York, last winter but the 150£ price tag did not bode well with our student lifestyles. But this one suffices. I lav it and the check lining is a bit sexy too.

All in all, I was pleasantly suprised at what Manchester greeted me with in terms of retail thearpy. That is without even stepping foot in Northern Quarter and URBIS- vintage havens apparantly.

It has to be said that I’m in a state of confusion. London or Manchester?
Manchester is not as crazy, but London is the one.

Alas, I will have to return to help me come closer to that decision.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010



This is now the third post in the last month or so about my secret fetish tba, although its not really a secret.

You wouldn't be blamed for thinking tba is a French descent but in actual fact it launched and is based in our very own capital city, the big LDN.

Designer Binbin McNiven, a Brighton university graduate with a enviable designer history to her name including the late Alexander McQueen, she founded and debuted tba only last year with a stellar A/W '09 collection. Ever since, the label's signature look has evolved; playful meets sophistication. Equating to timeless, luxurious, perfection.

The label's aesthetic is increasingly accumulating a desirable reputation; accredited to its sixties play time working in perfect harmony with the touch of Edwardian sophistication.
The label's template of understated elegance is resounded through the entirety of the A/W '10 offerings.

The collection takes its inspiration from two feminist characters in the controversial (it was banned in native Czechoslovakia and director Vera Chytilov√° was forbidden to work until 1975), dadaist, film; Sedmikrasky ("Daisies") from the sixties.

In a nutshell, the film sees the girls deciding that, since the world is spoiled, they will be spoiled too. Cue the girls embarking on a quest of rebellion against the degenerate, decayed and oppressive society in which they live.

The direct inspiration for the collection contemplates how they might have dressed to attend an Edwardian children’s tea party.

Whimsical, pompoms prettify dresses and blouses, reflecting the childish, exuberant mantra of the girls.

Monchrome complements the chosen colour palette of carmel silk, velvet in the warmest of hues- burnt orange along with emerald and midnight blue. Colours and fabrics that all exude luxurious winter.

Tba's ladylike silk dresses and separates in bold blocks of colour are each finished with intricate final touches like the handmade reuleaux look collars on the velvet smocks or gold trim adornments on the mesh pom-pom dresses.

It’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice, however, as there are also tougher-looking, 'more showy' pieces such as the leather, pleated shorts in tan and a mushroom print silk, oversized tux jacket to match the pintuck dress and skirt of the same pattern.

The whole label has an antique yet, modern feel to it. This is illustrated in each of the A/W '10 pieces.

A lasting quality that transcends seasonal trends.

It is date night, it is innocent sweetheart, it is teenage rebel, it is spoilt princess, it is divine.

So aptly named; to be adored (by everyone), you certainly are.

Stockists include:
-urban outfitters.
(Massive error on my part discovering that cheeky devil.)