Wednesday, 4 January 2012

street style spotlight: love aesthetics

HELLO 2K12. I come baring something I meant to post last year and way more extra baggage than is cool.
Ivania Carpio is the beaut and brains behind Love Aesthetics  - a fashion blog that documents her fashionable life through means of outfits, attainable inspirations and ingenious DIYs.

Hailing from Deutschland, Ivania ain’t no frivolous fashion follower, she formulates her own dressing rules. Experimental proportions coupled with twisted, scrunched and draped fabrics, she is her own mannequin.  
Iridescent, mermaid hair and perfectly painted lips provide the backdrop for this head to toe, blue hued ensemble. Sea blue angora wool and statement slicks of gold. Her blue suede shoes (well, nearly) are the token, thrifted finishing touch. Photographed neatly on the complimenting palette of concrete, I urge you to add this girl to your blog shelf / bookmarks / coffee table reads.
Ivania extends her talents to make up artistry; she is worth keeping in mind for her nail art ideas and MAC product recommendations. She has also recently posted a sweet DIY which is worth a look if you fancy getting all arts and crafts-y slash appreciate that sort of thing.

Here's to a year fulla giggles and galavanting. And a bit more blogging.


p.s. I have caved and given into the photo diary trend, admittedly a few days late. I am partaking in the Photo a Day 'challenge' via instagram. I am documenting it on tumblr tots.