Wednesday, 11 May 2011

where art thou?

Given my prolonged M.I.A period / elusivuty (word?) / general disappearing act, I thought an explanation was warranted. So you guessed it, this is what this is. I come baring no more exciting news than I've been adjusting back into the 'routine' of uni life. No biggie.

I did go to London yesterday however, on an impromptu day trip. Bumbled down New and Old Bond St. expecting to been blown away by the Street Lights exhibition. Alas, I was a day early.
Lace crop, bag and shades: TOPSHOP, Levi cut-offs: Camden, Brogues: New Look.

 So there you have it. I promise to be more in tune this week and will be revealing the secret intern shenanigans I got up to, what seems like a lifetime ago.

"Keep it real" - a sixty year old woman farewell'd me with that as me and my sister left her vintage shop on Lancaster Road.

Oh I love that place.



p.s. shameless self-promo but this one's for you.