Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sister Jane.

Eh, how did I not know about this beaut of brand until now? It remains one of life's many mysteries. The would-be love child of tba and pins&needles is the only description for this lady-like label. Sneaking under my unsuspecting radar, through chance, thanks to a blogging favourite you may already follow, I am now coveting thee whole lookbook archive, (see website 'collections').

A brand that was founded in Madrid, Spain, it has recently extended its fan base to, well, the entire world with the power of the internet and a début collab with ASOS. Feminine rebellion resounds through the marrying of genius, textural combinations (oh hi there, lace and sequins), forming the premise to said 'mini collection'. Pictures speak a thousand words so this is what I'm talking about..

Light-as-air blouses and dresses, accessorized with diamanté detailed, peter pan collars. I have nothing but love. The price range is so friggan reasonable too.

Having read up on the brand, it surfaces that they even have a concession in TOPSHOP's Oxford Street store. This 'mini collection' prides itself on pretty prints and the cutest ribbon details which you can also purchase from the site here.

I am amazed I wasn't told about this sooner.

Whaddya'll think?

London keeps on calling; am jumping on a train there tonight for a week of behind-the-scenes at The Times HQ, SS12 press days, promising career prospects and a boat load of cheap laughs. Oh, and also that event Marie Claire are putting on, on Wednesday night. Will anyone be joining me or will I be a totes bill no mates?

Can't wait. Shall update as and when.


Friday, 28 October 2011

la redoute.

In an attempt to fatten up my portfolio, I have curated a new feature and this is its début. The name is self-explanatory; I shall be introducing you to various brands which you may or may not want to check out.

First up, La Redoute women's clothing; an online, French retailer that prides itself on providing classicly chic designs without the Chanel price-tag. The site boasts a hugely eclectic collection with quality and value resounding throughout.

If I had more than a measely £8, and less than thousands of debt, these would be my picks.

The site is tres-user friendly, what are you waiting for?

Off to formulate a get cash quick plan.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

texture treats.

Velvet, wool, sequins and sparkles; I want to wear them all, ALL THE TIME

I have been more than a little bit norty in these past couple of weeks i.e. spending money I should be saving, on things I couldn't physically resist.

First up, I've done it; found the perfect LBD come LVD, killing two birds with one stone. I deserve a pat on the back. Clutching desperately onto the fact that technically, my student life ain't over yet (gap yah, y'know), I got this for a steal in their 20% off, student, weekend event, a while ago now; I ain't prepared to let that little luxury slip through my grasp, anytime soon. But look, its nice a pretty and velevet-y and sparkle-y. The perfect party dress, just need me some invites.
Velvet, glitter spot, skater dress: Topshop

Forever 21 are my latest proud pleasure. It is ridiculous cheap with stellar offerings. My first impression initiated thoughts of a budget UO store without the pretentious kooky bric-a-brac. Do we agree? It has taken Newcastle too long to introduce one of those to its streets, how long do we reckon it is before it gets its own F21? Another reason to move to London.
Sequin skirt: F21

Finally, h&m how I love thee. Top form they are. Countless times I have walked in and grabbed a staple that I had been longing for, to no avail. They have come up trumps too many times this season, I am somewhat anticipating the downfall. This is a cheaper and toastier version of that TOPSHOP knit that I had my literal heart set on. I bought this from h&m on Camden High St. so obvz I love it even more.
Fluffy knit: h&m

That's my lot for a while.

Another day trip to London beckons, I can't keep away.


Monday, 24 October 2011

token touristic snaps.

Battery issues, or a lack thereof had me resorting to trustee instagram. AND, to be truthfully honest, I spent a maje part of my time wining and dining with friends that I hadn't seen in far too long- happy snapping weren't my priority. Instead, have a shamefully small handful of the standard tourist photographs, albeit prettier versions.
Taken on iPhone 4 with Instagram

Forever 21 wish list
Beautiful day on Regent St.
Pillar box red
Sun in Camden
Boots in Camden
Adorable, Victorian baby suit at Brick Lane flea market

More London tales and treats to follow tomorrow.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

white blank page.

I have well and truly snapped back to reality, having returned to the North-Eastern, countryside views. Can I get a boo hoo?

The aim was to inject some much needed inspiration into my fashion life - a walk down Oxford St. satisfied that desire but what I have returned with is an even stronger drive to succeed - may this be in fashion or business (as if but you never know). I am craving the London lifestyle - work hard, play hard even more so than before which I didn't think was possible. Without a doubt, I am a huge London fan girl but having had the best few days, I have ever had there (ok, discount fashion week), witnessing said lifestyle, I am keen to sign my life up to that club.

What lies ahead is an immensely exciting few months which I could not be more buzzed about: I am interning with Notion, come November (big kudos to Seb for this) and have secured a place to do an NCTJ, (journo qualification) in Wimbledon, come March. The ball has started to roll, in the right direction.

I also feel its about high time that this prize possession of mine made its next baby step. I am not talking business plans and hiring teams but I plan to finally make that overhaul happen with the helping hand of a few willing, skilled mates. Expect a lorra changes around here.

The fashion journo dream may not be so much a pipe one.

Can I get a woop woop?