Thursday, 4 November 2010

TOP THREE: Pick of the Pack

The backpack/rucksack/knapsack - however you choose to name it, preaches more school nerd than super cool style icon. However, this ninetys trend is back with a vengeance; the number one neeky accessory has had a stylish reinvention thanks to the guys at Tory Burch. Backpacks now come in everything from leather and suede, to canvas and nylon, in earthy tones. A refreshing revival of the functional padded, clunky backpacks that I was forced adorn to as a child.

Totally unisex - another worthy passenger on the boyfriend bandwagon.

Here’s my three favourites:-

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Jumping on the bandwagon... 20 little days.

Catering for men and women, Albert Elbaz showcases his Lanvin Heart H&M Collection. Whilst the womenswear pieces cannot be faulted with their intricately detailed, gorgeous designs, the menswear range is somewhat of a disappointment. However, having said that, what percentage of the total male cliental for H&M even knows what Lanvin is let who Lanvin is and the significance of this collaboration? Harsh, but true. I bet you anything, if you ask the average Joe they wouldn't be able to respond with even a near guess to the correct answer. It is for these reasons I ask the question; why H&M? Surley the range would be more suited to the kooky backdrop of Urban Outfitters for example hanging amongst fellow well-established designer brands? To me, H&M seems a perculiar choice of retailing platform. Nevertheless I wait in anticipation for the real deal. 


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Afraid to admit it? Yes, me too. But there's no shying away from the fact that winter is well and truly homing in on us. With daylight saving having ended in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was the reluctant confirmation to the end of British Summer Time. Now definitely is the time to well and truly button up, wrap up to warm up.

Decisions, decisions...

The Trench
A perennial wardrobe staple, recognised by its timeless structure, sophisticated shape and colour and ageless appeal, the trench has had a stylish update. Designers and high street have toyed with fabrics, detailing and lengths. Admittedly not the cosiest of options but buy a size bigger to allow for layering up. The aim is to achieve more wartime hero and less Inspector Gadget. Bear that in mind when dressing a trench.

Top 3
Zara Canvas Trench
Miss Selfridge Stone ruffle mac
TopshopContrast Panel Trench

The Cape
An unconventional newcomer to a cosy winter wardrobe, the cape has been welcomed with open arms by high street and designer alike. Having made a subtle entrance on the runways in 2009, designers have embraced the cape as an A/W '10 must-have staple piece. Texture plays a big part with capes in a variety of weights and fabrics from silk and wool to velvet and fur. The cape can cover all manner of sins when worn with the right outfit; the key is balance. Stick to skinny trousers for a svelte, sophisticated approach, or for an equally forgiving look, team with a dignifyed see-through maxi and tights. Stores are awash with reworked designer-inspired pieces that are tiered, cinched, collared and hooded.

Top 3
Asos Parka Cape
Miss Selfridge Camel Cape
Topshop Wool Buckle Cape

The Fur Coat
An absolute hit winter after winter, you needn't pay high end boutique prices for a classic that'll last you the years. Wear what you wish underneath, fur is luxurious, elegant and adds a touch (bucket loads) of glamour and class. If wearing second-hand clothing does not phase you (some people profusely oppose it), I have to say it, charity shops are your best bet and for cheap prices too. Ebay can also be a furry haven. But if you'd rather have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you're getting, then your usual high street chains have a decent collection amongst them but with a heftier price tag.

Top 3
We are Cow - Stores in Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham and Birmingham

The Boyfriend Coat
Having traipsed up and down the high street and scrolled through every thinkable online stores' outerwear offerings, I have concluded that I will be sporting the recurring mannish trend in my choice of winter wrap up. The style scale starts from an extension on the S/S phenomena; the boyfriend blazer - loose shape, straight silhouette, longer length but in a heavier fabric such as mixed wool. At the other end of the spectrum are the Pea Coat styles; characterised by broad lapels and double-breasted fronts. If you're feeling especially brave, opt for a genuine menswear piece. The whole idea is that they're meant to be oversized and look as if you've just thrown your boyfriend's coat on. This is the most appealing factor of this style - no rules apply- literally effortless style.

Top 3
Topshop Large Revere Boyfriend coat
French Connection Frozen Fancy Coat
Cheap Monday Lindsay Zip Pocket Coat

If I could have it my way, I'd have the pick of the high street's finest of each, but unfortunately that's not a move my ever dwindling overdraft will thank me for. But it certainly pays to invest in one trusty winter warmer. Take your pick.