Saturday, 30 April 2011

what is it about Alexa Chung?

Have a sneaky deeks inside June's VOGUE.

A light release from open exam 'stress', I was literally, genuinely buzzing when this landed on my floor circa ten minutes ago. Keen or what. But this may explain why...
Alexa Chung for British VOGUE, June 2011

A treat to the eyes. 



Friday, 29 April 2011

big up yourself Burton.

Sarah, that is. a.k.a the creative director at Alexander McQueen. The quintessentially British fashion house excelled themselves today, not once but twice. After huge speculation surrounding the pending dress decision, preliminary rumors were confirmed; Sarah Burton was the chosen one. In a year troubled with ups and downs for the fashion house, today was a moment to triumph and celebrate what the words; Alexander McQueen stand for.

Sister Pippa Middleton followed the bride's fashionable example and opted also for McQueen.
Kate sported a second McQueen, Burton beauty for the Buckingham Palace evening 'do. Lucky gal.

All in all, a great day for British fashion. And the country of course.



guess who's back.

Back again, Shaydee's back, tell a friend. Yep.

Quickie to announce my official return as I've all know you've been pining for it.
And a note to say thanks a bunch for the mass representing that has gone on during my time away.

Posts a plenty coming right at cha.

Watch this space.