Wednesday, 27 July 2011

good gracious me.

Gracious by Carvela

Is that or is that not the definition of shoe porn?

There are no words. Except for maybe, I want.


Monday, 25 July 2011

monday musings 005
Blog Party.

A little bit of blogging etiquette this week - who uses IFB? I jumped on that bandwagon when I first started out. I was that inevitable naive newby we all evolve from on joining blogger. I thought that blogging 'stardom' happened overnight.

It doesn't.

What's my beef??


I have been inundated with whiney follower requests this week, primarily from the aforementioned promotion platform. The standard, probably copy and pasted to a million others job, reads along the lines of - Love yours, follow mine in return? I doubt their senders have even checked this page or the others. A more likely situ reads like this; these so-called 'fans' probably clocked my friend grid on IFB and thought 'Ooh, popular' which opens them up to a honey pot of potential new readers. It reminds me of the myspace times. The whole pc4pc mantra. #Inot16nomore. Straight in the little trash can.

So, for future reference and for the sake of your unique users / traffic / followers and all those insignificant statistics. Just don't ask. It defeats the point. I am of a mature enough disposition to be able to decide for myself. Sprinkle your link in comments & tweets instead. You'll thank me for it in the long run.

Leaving the hating for the rating..

Onto the pardee - some sweet blogs I've recently discovered:
Rating on the delectable Stevie-Rose and her capsule wardrobe. So much so that I dedicated my weekly Notion column to the lovely lass. Go check out her basic appeal (ba dum bum).
See Charlene strutting her kooky stuff in her off-beat take on transeasonal trends. Individualism at its finest. She has lush hair too which I would quite like.

Emma is a self-confessed lolita and free souled freelancer. Her beautifully captured daily wearings and relatable tone make for an entertaining read as well as a pretty stylish sight - a combo hard to come by in the world of fashion blogging.

Sarah is a native born Canadian with a penchant for short hems and high collars (new best friend?). Plentiful prettiness of outfits du jour and inspiration of all sorts stream her blog roll. Admittedly, a little M.I.A as of late, delve into her archives to warrant the wait for her return.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

home coming.

Soooo then, I am home until the forseeable. That being until I conjure up some cushtee life plan for myself. Not happening right now. Might as well embrace it. Here is proof that I live in an actual field and a sneak peak of my work in progress bedroom.

Some outfit shots too. My wardrobe needs therapy. I have lost a lot of enthusiasm for clothes and shopping. I have a feeling this may have something to do with many a week of unfruitful missions desperately trying to magic something from the high street for all sorts of occasions. Hence an improvisation on the last one.
Embellished tank and bag: Topshop, Levi cut-offs: Camden, Tapestry shoes: New Look

It has been a lush day.