Saturday, 13 August 2011

A / Wishes.

See what I did there, ehy ehy? A self-confessed sucker for autumn winter, here is what I will be wearing....
L - R: 1-5 Topshop, 6-7 Miss Selfridge, 8 Topshop, 9 All Saints, 10 New Look, 11-12 Topshop, 13 H&M, 14 Topshop, 15 River Island.

Spring summer collections bore me. The repetitve orders to don floral (& fruit a la stella mccartney SS11) prints leave me bumbling around in go-to vintage levis, trustee loafers and a classic shirt totally uninspired, overtly wishing for the onslaught of colder months.

I am all over leather panels, fur trimmed everythings, bottle green knits and scrumptious berry sheers that this forthcoming season promises. So much black in every texture under the sun. My wardrobe will gladly follow suit.

And to make way for all of this? Aye, the eBay listing process is still haunting me. New (Topshop) things added today.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

You LOOK-ing at me!?


A tweet that sparked a fashion blogging frenzy last week; a frenzy you were at the forefront of if you're a fellow fashion keeno with your very own blogger / tumblr / wordpress / all three. The cause of said frenzy? Look Magazine are giving five bloggers the opportunity to report live from the front row at The Look Show AW11 (as well as tweeting obvz) plus a stellar night in a London hotel with a friend and cocktails for company. What more could you want in life? Answer: nothing!

I am not one to blow my own trumpet and thus, what follows will not be a brief for the are you dressing up or dressing down? appreciation society but just a bunch of reasons as to why I should (and really really want to) be sitting pretty on the front row of The Look Show AW11, putting my skills on show.

My passion for fashion and ambition to make it as a fashion journo is unrivalled. Blogging from thee front row of thee hottest high-street fashion show for an equally hyped publication is everything I have ever wanted - not going to lie about it. To be in amongst the action, on the proverbial front line at September's Look Show, representing what started off as a place to showcase my writing and materialise my fashiony thinkings would literally make my life, like you have no idea. The cliches will be bandied around but it literally, genuinely and whole-heartedly would. I am more determined than ever to make the so-called, fashion journo pipe dream a living reality. Do a girl a (massive) favour?

I have dipped my toes in fashionable waters and am more than sufficiently pysched (and equipped) to dive in at the deep end - hello cringe pun. As an aspiring fashion writer with a kanny decent repertoire of experience (if I do say so myself) - cue shameless name-dropping: dressing models for Alexis Knox, a recent stint as editorial fashion assistant at Junior Magazine and street style writer at Notion Magazine's sister website, I won't disappoint in filling the seriously stylish shoes of winners previous.

My blog is my baby and I ain't afraid to shout about it. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that have arose from sharing my light-hearted, sarcastic, dialectal musings on these very pages. Blogging is serious business these days (you all know llymlrs right?), its amazing how far a fashion blog can reach. Some Look & are you dressing up or dressing down? loving would make for the perfect partnership as we share some key elements: target audience, tone and content covered plus our laid-back approach to fashion, darling.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, I would welcome, with huge open arms, the opportunity to prove that my retaliations against my mother's constant nags to spend more time on university work, instead of blogging, were all for a bloody brilliant cause.

I am partial to a cocktail or two so that bodes perfectly well with me too.

My trumpet has well and truly been blown, #whoops, make it worth my while?

Thank you all for reading.


Monday, 8 August 2011

a mixture.

As promised. Admittedly, this set is somewhat of a contradiction of itself - hot pants and a coat? Blame it on the equally contradictory British summer weather.
 H&M, Topshop, New Look

Buy / Love / Talk / Vote


Sunday, 7 August 2011

all about the spontane.

This was intended for my Saturday night task but I went out with the lasses instead. A few (two) recently made purchases. New Look are on top form lately. I gots me some more new things this week but will save it for (another) rainy day.
Top and chains: Topshop, Vintage Lewvi cut-offs, Shoes: New Look, Belt: F&F, Wannabe Alexa: Internacionale maybe?

I am frantically applying away for internships and writing competitions a plenty. If you haven't already I'd be immensely grateful if you would be so kind as to nominate me for this year's Cosmo Blog Awards (#CosmoBlogAwards), that's if you're a fan of my blog like. Are you dressing up or dressing down? comes under the "New Fashion Blog" catergory. THANK YOU.

p.s. NEW items added to both my ebay and blog shop.