Friday, 20 May 2011


M.I.A with no real explanation. TA DA. You gots one right here.

So where did I disappear to last month?

I was in London. Fashion interning. Living the dream. Not an ounce of sarcasm intended, it really was the time offa my life. I miss it every day I trudge up to uni to be forced to sit for hours not listening to a word some linguistics keeno has to say about language. I don’t even pretend anymore. Not interested.

What was so 'amaze', you ask?


The story goes a little bit like this...

I rocked up to Junior's, Islington office, suprisingly chirpy after eduring the notorious commute into and across London. It was hell, people are SO rude. You wouldn't dare barge into someone in Newcastle and not say excuse me, half your face would be missing. UGH.

I was to be Catherine's (Junior's fashion assistant) right hand gal. She introduced me to the team and I was welcomed with open arms. Such a lush, chilled environment. And thee most beautiful, S/S '11, childrenswear collections filled the fashion cupboard. I wanted to be five again or have my own five year old to dress head to toe in Hucklebones. I can't think of a better way to describe it than thee tba of kidswear.

To Kent we went for the Junior Design Awards, Designer winners shoot. Hever Castle was the location of choice. Beautiful surroundings on a beautiful English, summers day with the most beautiful little girl models. Claire Ray - the canniest girl, in the world, provided the grooming and Tim Marsella the man behind the lens.

My role? To be the fashion assistant's assistant which entailed being there to pin, tuck, comb, brush and grip the little divas in place. Oh, and endless games of 'want it, can't have it' whilst they patiently awaited their turn. Tim gave us a sneaky peek of the finished result before the big edit. Adorable. I haven't said 'ar that's so cute' more in my life.

The Junior Design Awards issue will be out on June 3rd and you'll see what all this hype is about.

The day at Hever was to be followed by a Press day party that stretched over the next two days. I accompanied the fashion team - Catherine, Matthew (fashion ed) and Linda (fashion director) to important meetings at various show rooms, scattered across the length and breadth of London. The team were to select A/W '12 samples to facilitate the coming season's fashion shoots.

We sat for the most amazing lunch at the Hackett show room, on Old Bond St. and sipped on Peach Bellinis as their PRs guided us through the A/W '12 collections. It was far from my idea of work.

Regrettably, missing out Harvey Nichols and Gant through having to attend a quarterly meeting, Catherine and Matthew left me to brave the press day game ON MY OWN. I nearly died. Were they really trusting me with this level of responsibility? I was flattered. Armed with directions a plenty and check-list, off I trotted to Knightsbridge.

Harvey Nicks was an army of 6ft. big names in 60 inch platforms. Dauting. No kidswear but I was happy to happy snap away Philip Lim 3.1, Alexander Wang, Nicholas Kirkwood and many more's Autumn season offerings.

Needeless to say, I loved every minute of it. The world of press days is a glamourous one. The tiniest but most delicious canapes was a common greeting. And a bag fulla a goodies - the norm farewell. Hellooo free uggs.

I want to be in London. Making money fashioning. Shopping on Bond St. - Old and New.


How did I land this gig?

I hate when people say this but it was purely opportunist. Catherine commented on my blog and as I do for every comment I recieve, I follow it up. I'll check the blog, facebook, personal site, twitter etc. of said person. This led me to her CV which revealed an enviable list of work experience placements. I was green with envy. I emailed Catherine on the off chance she would reply with some valuable interning advice, let alone hand me one on a plate. I got very lucky which is lame but it is part of this game. She wanted me to start the following week. It was extremely last minute but I am the most impulsive person I know and I refused to let practicalities get in the way. So I upped sticks and off I went.

My advice?

Get your name out there. In any possible way that you can. If you don't shout about it, there is no one to hear it. If you're not heard the first few times which is a likely story carrying on doing it. In this day and age I think writing a blog is an absolute must. Its the single most accessible way for editors etc. to gain an idea of your capabilities. The best advice I have been given regarding this whole interning game - BE AVAILABLE AT SHORT NOTICE. And just generally keep your eyes peeled agencies and publications often advertise through twitter so I cannot reccommend that enough. I could go on forever about this. I won't. Instead drop me an email if you want more hints 'n' tips.




  1. Anonymous5/20/2011

    eek, sounds like you had a blast! And, great tips on the interns! :)

  2. Congratulations on your placement! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience - not everyone can say the same!

    I have many friends who are not in the fashion industry and they don't understand the point of twitter or why I have a blog. I think it's because their professions don't call for such blatant self exposure.

    Great post!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  3. thanks for your cute comment! it's by ikea :)

  4. Awesome blog! :)
    follow me :)

  5. That sounds fantastic, what a great opportunity!

  6. wow! good job :) thanks for sharing. i wish you all the best :)

    much love,

  7. I am so jealous, it sounds like my idea of heaven. But well done! Also, I'm your new follower :) hi! xxx

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! And yeah you got lucky but it was down to you following up on someone's comment and sending a nice email, so it's deserved I think! :) xx

  9. This is such an inspiring read because it shows how being proactive, positive, communicative, willing and determined really does MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. I'm a great believer in the notion that hard work and a thorough approach bears fruit - and your account demonstrates this perfectly! And your advice about twitter - really useful. Thank you.

  10. Wow, it sounds amazing! You are right about getting yourself out there, you really have to shout about yourself these days. x


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