Saturday, 23 July 2011

Wino, 1983 - 2011.

This is not categorically a standard are you dressing up or dressing down? post but I felt it was an obligatory gesture.
Amy Winehouse was found dead today in her North London home, aged only 27.

Police are treating her death as a suspected OD but it is officially 'unexplained' as of yet. Predictable? Definitely. This doesn't make it any less tragic. Her name will be reluctantly added to the list of lyrical legends who prematurely passed away at this exact age: Kurt Cobian, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison to name but a few. The idols of the live-fast-die-young trend who's life in the fast lane unfortunately caught up with them all too soon. Another unprecedented addition to the notorious 'Club 27'.

Fears were confirmed at that infamous stage performance in Belgrade, last month that her drug demons were haunting her power to stay off the hard stuff. Having watched the youtube videos of said gig, I am amazed she was even allowed on stage in such a state, barely intelligible, mumbling the same lyrics that had won her countless of globally recognized awards. Three days after her co-performance with god-daughter Dionne Bromfield, Amy was to be found comatosed beyond revival efforts of the paramedics. This was the star's last appearance. Shocked but not suprised was the reaction that echoed around her Camden home as mourners gathered outside.

A messy life, marred with drugs and alcohol, alongside an equally messed up partner - Blake, Amy was never far from the front pages of the tabloids, for all the wrong reasons. We've all done bad things, scrutinised to such an unimagineable extent that Amy's life was, is the distinct difference. A devestating shame that her wild-child ways unashamedly stole the limelight from her life as a talented musician.

My twitter feed has been inundated since the news broke this afternoon and only rightly. One of my favourites read: "It's a sign of just how influential a person is when their death sparks every tweet on your Twitter timeline for an hour". I hope that the country stands unanimous in their condolences with the family and that her bad habits are overshadowed by her musical legacy.

A devestating end to a short-lived life, hearts out to her family and friends.

Vino in tribute of wino.



  1. Lovely words :) Such a tragedy, I feel for her friends and family and all those who had the hope and belief for her that she would see better days.

  2. Beautiful post.
    She will be missed!

    btw thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :-)
    I really like your so i am now following you :-)


  3. I'm so shocked, she had an amazing voice and introduced us to one Dionne Bromfield one of the youngest new voices around.

    R.I.P Amy

  4. My Twitter feed was the same - it was a sign of how many people she had affected with her music. Thanks for your comment on my own post - there's been so much death and destruction during the past month it feels wrong to bypass it with 'normal' blog posts.

  5. Thank you! :)
    By the way - really nice blog!

  6. Lovely words, I only mentioned this sad time briefly as I knew people such as yourself can put it into words so much better. xxx

  7. it really is a tragedy, having an addiction in the public eye could only make things worse.

  8. This is such a lovely post, such lovely words.

    RIP Amy xx

  9. Another tragic figure who has died young. I remember when "Back to Black" came out and how it was what everyone was talking about - I eagerly waited for another album but it never came, drink and drugs put paid to that.

    I wonder what demons she was running away from? It's such a shame they consumed her in the end.

  10. back to black has to one of my favourite albums, what a voice the women had. rip Amy xx


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