Thursday, 1 September 2011

do me (another) favour?

I know people get annoyed with constant nags to vote for this, like that and follow this. To be fair, I haven't hounded you with such requests in a long time so I'll ask you once, nicely of course; will you pretty please take two tiny minutes out of your life and nominate this thing for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards? Cheers. It comes under the "New Fashion Blog" category as my baby ain't quite eighteen months old yet.

Apologies for my aloofness this week. Been busy being social and all, plus a few days in London kind of demoted blogging duties.

Posts a plenty this weekend to make up for it.



  1. I'll nominate you! Thank you for commenting on my blog (it was called littleblackdress and you commented on my countryside photos), your comment was lovely :) I've changed my blog to Lucy's Locket now! I hope you'll stop by again when it's finished!

    Lucy :) x

  2. Done!
    Loving the blog, especially as you love Autumn/Winter clothes as much as I do!Can't wait to be able to bring out the faux fur again


  3. well good luck in the contest! :D


  4. Good luck, I have voted for you! x

  5. nominated you, good luck with it! x


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