Saturday, 17 September 2011

NYFW: the highlights.

New York was the first of the quartet that comprises fashion week season to showcase its resident designers' SS12 offerings for the fashion world to swoon over, photograph and tweet about. My social network feeds have gone into fashion week overdrive. Not that I'm complaining though. It beats reading hourly updates of John Smith's life right?

Of course, one measly blog post won't do any justice to the fashionable frivolities New York played host to last week. So, with this in mind, I will not attempt to document every collection, surprise, celebrity, drama etc. Instead, I give you my personal highlights from the big apple's catwalk shows.

First up is ADAM; a name that sheepishly sneaked onto my radar via a healthy stream of trended tweets, moments after the finale of the presentation. The ADAM show hash-tag was only accompanied by the utmost praise for aforementioned presentation. The man behind the magic is Adam Lippes; a previous CD at Oscar de la Renta with an equally reputable list of bosses, his portfolio speaks for itself.

Models paraded down the SS12 catwalk in swathes of fairy-light, white silks and sheers with pops of fluorescent pink trims signalling a subtle nod the ongoing fluro / neon trend. Powder blues and pinks added colour to the established, neutral palette. Floral prints and polka dot patterns were sent down the runway in unison to make a convincing pattern clashing statement. Again, in the most delicate fabrics. Casual, oversized tailoring held a strong presence throughout. A subtle hint that the boy-girl thing is set to stick around for another season; androgynous slouchy shapes complimented the soft, ethereal colours and fabrics consistently throughout both the day wear and evening wear collections.

A firm favourite. I will be gatecrashing his love-affair with sheer come spring: 
It posed a laborious task selecting from many a fashion house giant that showcased its SS12 offerings in NewYork. But the following imprinted a impressionable memory: The sumptuous sorbet silks of Philip Lim's 3.1 range
Philip Lim 3.1

My regular street style feature for Planet Notion this week spotlights a hand picked selection of the stylish crowd that graced the streets of New York including Susie Bubble's home grown homage to British fashion.

There you have it - your NYFW fix in a nut shell.

Next stop: London. TODAY. I have contemplated various approaches to LFW coverage on here. Currently, I am gearing towards documenting only the days I spend there rather than streams and streams of show reports. I'll leave that to and friends. That could all change though and I may be raining all owa their parade. 

Shameless plug: I will be partaking in fashionable frolics with the Notion gang. Check out their LFW portal for exclusive, backstage interviews and goss. Now don't give you that.

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  1. This collection is really beautiful, I love the see through fabric.

  2. Loved Philip Lim 3.1

  3. fabulous review! thanks for sharing..

    i am loving the sheer fabric attires! i want to buy sheer black shirt but couldn't quite find the right one...patience is a virtue!

    oh yeah, i have just given you an award! have a peek :) xo

  4. Great NYFW post, love seeing peoples personal highlights! Both amazing collections

  5. Oh, I love love the floral prints and the colors! :)

  6. The patterns are great and I love the minimalism aspect to it!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


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