Friday, 28 October 2011

la redoute.

In an attempt to fatten up my portfolio, I have curated a new feature and this is its début. The name is self-explanatory; I shall be introducing you to various brands which you may or may not want to check out.

First up, La Redoute women's clothing; an online, French retailer that prides itself on providing classicly chic designs without the Chanel price-tag. The site boasts a hugely eclectic collection with quality and value resounding throughout.

If I had more than a measely £8, and less than thousands of debt, these would be my picks.

The site is tres-user friendly, what are you waiting for?

Off to formulate a get cash quick plan.



  1. love the black lace-dress :)

  2. Love the idea of this new feature.
    As for La redoute, love them too, they have some gorgeous things!

  3. Seen so many adverts for La Redoute since I moved to France but never got round to checking the website, thanks for the incentive! xx

  4. Some great peices here. I was never a fan of the leather pants but my mind has been twisted about them and i think those ones, the lace dresses are also fab.

  5. I love La Redoute! I've bought many things from there as they have some amazing things! x

  6. I love La Redoute me and my Mam are always finding gorgeous pieces there it's such a great store

  7. La Redoute have so many lovely things, I really like the grey cropped jumper and lacy red dress you chose! x

  8. oh girl, thanks for commenting on my blog. I came to visit yours and found the best blog in quite a while :)

    Oh, and I love La Redoute! xxx

  9. Love those!
    Poppy xx

  10. Anonymous10/28/2011

    thank you :)

  11. Anonymous10/28/2011

    lovely pieces!

  12. I order from La Redoute all the time! I really like their clothing and it's always super affordable.

  13. All of these are great, the dresses are lovely, where is the collar in your background may I ask? :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  14. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog, I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too ;)

  15. Ooh I do love a bit of the old Redoutester. My mother's been a dedicated customer for quite a few years now (probably from all the vouchers they send her)! Not all of it is too my taste, I must admit, but I did get a pair of docs for a good deal the other day (vouchers) and a cute fair isle jumper.

    Oh and if you do need to return something it's pretty easy, which is always great on an online (for the UK) store. A courier will usually pick it up so no need to worry about sending it.

    Haha, I swear I'm not paid to say this! Oh dear my comments are like posts in themselves...


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