Friday, 25 November 2011

ghd air.

ghd have only gone and premiered a hair dryer. If their profilic, god-send straighteners are anything to go by then I need one of these in my life. Pronto.

At the forefront of revolutionising hair care in its ten year lifespan, ghd air claims to blow you away. Literally, by the sounds of the product name.

As a shorty (hair-wise but arguably in height too) there is little versatility. A decent blow dry maketh the mane and for this you need a decent hair dryer. ghd hair straighteners are every girl's go-to gadget, it's difficult to remember life pre-ghd and for that I can only think why they haven't done this earlier.

I won't bore you with the technical specs but it's promise is to provide salon standard blow drying, in the comfort of your own home. It is the brainchild of many a hair styling expert and you ain't gonna get better than that.

It's ghd. 'Nuff said.

ghd air is available for purchase on the ghd website and at the top-end salons now.

Another addition to the never ending birthday / Christmas list.



  1. My hairdresser used it last time I was in and it is meant to be better for your hair, just wish it wasn't so expensive! x

  2. Anonymous11/28/2011

    I use the Vidal Sassoon Daily Hydration dryer which claims to be just as good for hair health and I love it and it's a hell of a lot cheaper. Don't get my wrong I love my GHD straighteners, but I'm not convinced about the price of this. Would love to give it a go but if they're not as good as the VS one, I've waisted my money... dilemma! x

  3. I think I may need to get my mitts on this! I cannot use anything else but GHD straightners, hair life savers.


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