Thursday, 17 November 2011

who in here likes to P*A*R*T*Y?

If your response to that is a hell yeah, then aren't you in for a treat. As a my street chic, style representative of Newcastle, the glam girls over at the HQ have offered invites to their bloggers Christmas celebrations to all my doting followers, closet readers etc.

It'll be a priceless opportunity to mingle with other bloggers - beauty and fashion alike. The party also has plans to host an exclusive fashion show which will showcase the very latest lookbook from boohoo.

What? My Street Chic Bloggers Christmas Party
When? 16th December, 7-10pm
Where? Java, 9 Park Street, Bristol, BS1
How? Here
Who? Too many fashionable faces to name.

£5 (yeah, really) tickets include entrance to the party and fashion show, a complimentary drink on arrival and a goodie bag fulla fashion goodies, on departure.

Get on those dancing shoes and party dresses.



  1. goooood if i only lived in the uk, i would totally want to be a part of this! :(

  2. Ahhh no this sounds so great, too far away though :(


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