Saturday, 11 February 2012

003: recently i've been..

Receiving presents in the post, like someone important.

<333-ing life in London, x3.

Discovering that a 5£ primark wig looks better than my real life hair.

Making sweet love and the best jokes to and with this girl.

Obligatory dicking around in the snow, in fancy dress, as you do.

Collating my life for next week. Its LFW didja know..



  1. Thanks for the lovely comments, have fun at lfw!
    (Love the wig!)


  2. Anonymous2/11/2012

    Thanks. :) I love the pink wing! Someday, I hope to visit would be a dream come true! xo

  3. Busy times ahead! Love the photos in the pink wig! It looks dead cute!
    In reply to your comment, I've heard a lot of people from up here say they watch t cos they're so ridiculous! I hate to think that people watch it though and think that's what everyone in Newcastle is like!! Haha

    Hope the London house hunt is going well!

    Hannah xx

  4. Enjoy enjoy enjoy fashion week. I love your suitcase, and I must get me a wig... This weather and my hair are not friends. Xx

  5. That wig is so adorable.
    You must have been freezing in the snow!
    But it did make for a pretty picture. :)
    Ciara xx

  6. Major lovage for your pink wig m'dear. Ooh I love Bora Aksu, hope you don't mind me asking but did you request tickets or did they send them out to you cuz they've seen your blog?
    Hope you have an epic time at fashion week! Good thinking with the plasters btw ;)

  7. Primark does wigs?! Yes mate, I'll be stocking up on a few. Have a good time at LFW, take loads of snaps!

    Drea xo

  8. Very cool photos, seems like you have much fun :)
    Have fun at LFW!

    If you like, we can follow each other?
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Love these pictures there so silly and cute, your wig looks fab! Have an amazing time at fashion week! xx

  10. Oh my gosh, you girls must have been so cold in the snow! I'll be at Garvida too!

  11. Lovely photos! It looks like you had an amazing time.


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