Saturday, 7 August 2010


Today, I found myself bumbling down Northumberland street BORED - a world away from the genuine excitement that the thought of new purchases used to fill me with.

It seems like high street fashion has jumped on the Letstrytorecycleeverymortalthing bandwagon the government is so profusley drumming into us.

I'm not a believer of disposable fashion or rather my financial situ ain't but howays I think I have had enough of floral prints to last me a life time.

Every summer we're instructed to don the ditsy prints, the paler shades of denim and generally pastel colour pallette. Where is the inspiration in that?
Boring. In a word.

I think I might ban myself from the 'pearly gates' of topshop for a while. Challenge myself to shop exclusively in charity shops.

There are hidden gems to be found on ebay so I've heard. I'm not its loyalest fan but people are always banging on about I got this lovely that and an adorable this.

So I guess its worth a shot.


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