Tuesday, 19 October 2010

a/winter wish slash hit list.

I've decided to do a seasonal hit list and make it a regular feature. I'm currently racking my brains on ways to improve my blog. I think having 3-4 regular features a month is the starting point as I think it's the best way to maintain reader interest as it facilitates consistency. Personally, I think that's what fashion blogging is all about; finding your niche and running with it. So watch this space.

Back onto this post - yes I'm very aware we are in the full throes of a/w so a bit behind on that front but here it is anyway. A wish list in that I can only dream in owning the entirety of it but a hit list in that each item is an absolute lust have. 

In no particular order...

Bare in mind this is not an exhaustive list- I don't think any girl's could ever possibly be described as that.
Call it what you will: wish list, hit list, the bare essentials etc etc.

I'm off to Bristol tonight for the week on a crash course come privaleged behind the scenes insider into the world of journalism.

Will keep you posted.


  1. love the trousers with the loop xx

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those trousers..they are sooo riding styles! AmAZING! And those tights are hotttt!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. Thank you! I know M&S came up trumps with the tights!


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