Friday, 22 October 2010

primark praise.

Today. Wandering aimlessly out of Primark on a thirty minute time-constrained lunch break, I stumbled across this beauty. For a tenner.

Collar  Jersey Dress

Ring any bells TOPSHOP?

I also snapped up a pair of these babies for a snip at 15£. Yes I'd rather they were Prada than Primark but they'll do the job quite nicely and my ever depleting overdraft will thank me in the long run..

Excuse the shitty Blackberry photography.

Black Suede Desert Boots
This only adds crudentials and justification of Primark's place in my subconscious, high street hall of fame.

Not so long ago I was greeted by this velvet skater dress whilst having the desperate cry all too familiar to the female race; I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TONIGHT. It was definitely true up until this miracle maker graced my eye-line.

Velvet Skater Dress
I had been on the hunt for a while and who would of thought it; Primark of all places would be the one to answer my prayers. Needless to say it was welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms.

According to reputable fashion forecasts embracing the Velvet Vixen is a must for A/W '10 so get on it. They also do the dress in a gorgeous ruby red. Jackets, bodycon skirts, leggings etc the same colours and a midnight blue complete the velvety collection.

If its not obvious yet, I am very impressed by the stores ensembles over the last few months. Consistently surprised but impressed nevertheless. Way back in April, I picked up this lovely lace shirt. Must say, it probably has been overworn- it is extremely versatile. Also a tenner.

White Lace Shirt

I suppose what I'm trying to say is - Big up yourself Primark.

It just goes to show that fashion finds are in the most unsuspecting places, you just have to be willing to put the effort into that find. Ok tackling Primark may not constitute effort in any other city but having to face the whole charva (chav) population of the North East in the same place at the same time - Northumberland St. Newcastle - can be kanny scary. So yes that is effort in itself.

One lesson I've learnt lately; do not underestimate the high-street.

Yes, I can totally empathize when you buy that dress from TOPSHOP then two weeks later every Tom, Dick and Harry has it but at a snip of the price you forked out for it. But..... fashion is all about adding individual flair anyhow, so as long as you accessorize said dress with your creativity no one can rain on your parade.

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