Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Jumping on the bandwagon... 20 little days.

Catering for men and women, Albert Elbaz showcases his Lanvin Heart H&M Collection. Whilst the womenswear pieces cannot be faulted with their intricately detailed, gorgeous designs, the menswear range is somewhat of a disappointment. However, having said that, what percentage of the total male cliental for H&M even knows what Lanvin is let who Lanvin is and the significance of this collaboration? Harsh, but true. I bet you anything, if you ask the average Joe they wouldn't be able to respond with even a near guess to the correct answer. It is for these reasons I ask the question; why H&M? Surley the range would be more suited to the kooky backdrop of Urban Outfitters for example hanging amongst fellow well-established designer brands? To me, H&M seems a perculiar choice of retailing platform. Nevertheless I wait in anticipation for the real deal. 



  1. Love it! Especially what the cleaning ladies are wearing haha.

  2. Thank you for reading!
    I can't wait for it to finally hit the shops.

    Helen, X


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