Thursday, 23 December 2010

blogging interview debut.

The guys at emailed me over the weekend saying how they loved my blog and would like for me to feature in a blogging-themed interview on their site. I was flattered. An offer I couldn't refuse.

It went a little bit like this...

When & why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in July 2010 so I by no means consider myself a dab hand at this. I had moved back home from uni for the summer holidays. Friends and family had nagged constantly as they knew of my burning desire to become a fashion journalist. Up until then, I had been too lazy to get the ball rolling. I wanted to channel my thoughts and energy into something constructive. It acted as the pefect distraction from the split with my ex. So, with too much time on my hands, I finally made the move.

Why do you like blogging, and what makes you post?
To be honest I don't think I can pin-point why I enjoy blogging. I've always loved writing and fashion so having a fashion blog let's me fufills both these interests. I find the fact that people actually readamazing. I would've never have thought.

Most bloggers find it hard to get an audience, whats your advice?
That's no secret, it is hard and very time consuming. You have to be committed and a lot more goes into it then simply posting decent content. You have to NETWORK. Having a strong presence on the blogosphere is the best piece of advice I have ever been given. It is a cliche but it's a simple case of getting your name out there. Easier said than done right? Not strictly. Post your link on facebook, comment on forums, join networks - IFB and LOOKBOOK - participate frequently with genuine, related comments. Build relationships with fellow bloggers by commenting on their posts - show that you've took time to read the post.
Get Twitter also - I'm still struggling with how to work it but its handy to have.
It won't happen overnight but it'll be worth the wait.
A few other hinters - be original, have readable content and a personal writing style. 
Your blog should reflect your personality to some degree so don't go copying other's hardwork.

Why should okreko readers follow your blog?
I'm not a big believer of the philosophy 'follow me and I'll follow back'. It defeats the point of blogging, I feel.
If opinionated insights, fashionable experiences and interesting articles are your cup of tea then check me out.

Whats a typical day like in Helen's life?
Right now my days are mainly taken up by uni work or Christmas present shopping, followed by light blogging duties and catching up with my girls of an evening over a few glasses of wine.

Whos your favourite designer?
It would have to be Chanel as it is so effortlessly classy. My new obssession though is the duo that makes up Meadham Kirchkoff. Check them boys out.

Who or What is your biggest style influence?
Two words - Alexa Chung.
Street style is amazingly inspirational too.

If you had a fashion label what would it be called?
Eek, that's a toughie. It took so long for me to come up with a blog name, it'd take lifetime to do that.

What item of clothing do you wish more people wore?
Boys in desert boots and caps.
People need to learn to buy decent fitting jeans.

What item do you think is a must have right now?
A shirt and bow-tie combo.

Describe yourself in one word.

I really do love doing what I do but it makes it even more worth the while when people actually read it and I get so much positive feedback. I couldn't extend my gratitude far enough.

Thank you all.



  1. Anonymous12/23/2010

    Great interview, I squealed when I saw your love for Meadham Kirchkoff... also LOVING what they've been coming up with recently! I also agree that it's REALLY difficult to "get yourself out there" in the blogging world but it's aaaall about perseverance! :)

    Lesley-Jane x

  2. Congratulations!! Great interview :)

    Kirstin Marie

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Congrats to you!

  4. I find much of my inspiration from street style too! :)


  5. I also love street style- I think it is so inspiring, especially because it is personal and effortless, and influenced by one's surroundings.

    This is a great interview! Congrats on the feature!

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  6. Anonymous1/05/2011

    So nice to read! Thanks for the tips on finding an audience, very helpful!

    x commepolly


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