Tuesday, 28 December 2010


As if another year end is upon us. Here are my favourite top five trends of 2010.

After much deliberation I eventually whittled it down to a measly five. There were mini-trends a plenty I would have liked to sneak in but I believe these five were the ONE.

5. Fashion Faux pas (pl.)

Socks and shoes? Double denim? SUSPENDERS!? Nothing could scream fashion police alert more than these three. That refused to be the case this year and in fact huge fashionable respect was gained with the sporting of one of these unconventional trends.

Whoever would think that the biggest going-out outfit dilemma would be which socks with which shoes? I don't know when, where or which genius decided that this cringey dad faux pas was suddenly cool but I think we all owe you a huge thank you.

Thanks to Henry Holland and Pretty Polly it was acceptable to rock suspenders out of the confinements of the boudoir. Provided the sell-out suspender tights weren't paired with anything remotely, stereotypically 'slag', they added a subtley sexy touch. I was definitely a fan. The whole of the high-street jumped on the bandwagon offering us their take on the trend. I bought mine from non other than Marks & Sparks.

Double denim sneaked its way into our lives, slowly but surely to earn a rightful place in my 2010 trend hall of fame. Please please please if you do try this at home, remember not to co-ordinate the colours. The term is double denim; two pieces of denim worn at any one time that is; not all over or matching denim.

4. The Nudist

Not literally. I mean in terms of colour palette, obvz. This is a trend which I cannot remember my wardrobe without. Sure to be crowned the new black of 2010, girly pinks were well and truly ousted with its arrival. Nude shades were everywhere this year, having dominated the spring/summer 2010 catwalks, from off-white through pale rose to gold. Delicious candy-floss shades in sheer and floaty fabrics gave glamour to girlish looks. Accessories were also big on this trend and it was even extended to the beauty counters with nude lips reigning supreme thanks to the Golden Globe awards.

3. Material Girls and Boys

Winter signified an epic switch to more substantial garments; those brave enough to weather the winter chills, thick enough to block the blustery winds. This winter we were kept snug with knits, leather, sheepskin and suede.

Nostalgic, fairisle knits made a comeback. Slouchy, waffle, or cable - chunky knits were well and truly embraced.

The leather jacket recieved a feminine update to become what would be known as the (SOLD OUT TOPSHOP) shearling aviator. But leather this year wasn't only in jacket form...

Leather and suede were no longer confined to the shoe lounge, extending their portfolios to the clothing rails of our high street. Shorts, skirts and jackets contributed to the main of the collections. Yet, the suede shoe trend fittingly remained. Ladies and gentlemen took their pick from so many variations of the cute dessert bootie.

2. SHE Wears the Trousers

The fashion industry jumped aboard, all hands on deck campaigning for girl power and urged us to man-up with a good old bit of power dressing this year.

Spring came laiden with variation of the unconventional, drop-crotch 'nappy' pant. I am, of course, talking about the harem trouser. The marmite of the leg department. I, personally, am not a fan but there were options a plenty to choose from: peg-leg, tapered, high waisted, statement prints, you get the idea. Pretty dresses and flouncy skirts were no longer the garment of choice for eveningwear, the statement piece was the jumpsuit. An outlet of the trouser trend completely misunderstood by the opposite sex.

Autumn got all grown up on us and saw a return of the previosuly favoured skinny styles in anything from equestrian lycra to country corduroy, ooh ar.

1. Hollar for a Collar

Admittedly a bias choice for the top spot but can you blame me? Yes, if you look at my hundred most recent facebook tagged snaps there is a running theme, slight obsession? Maybe. Bothered? Not at all. Kindly welcomed into my wardrobe by my only girl crush, dearest Alexa Chung, the collar emerged as the mighty mini-trend of 2010. Dresses, tees, shirts and blouses all got the collar treatment. Some stores stepped it up a level and even stocked separate collars you could attach to non-collared garments. Genius. A trend I hope will transcend through the seasonal trends of the next year; it remains to be a trend pulled-off equally by both men and women. Peter Pan or pointed; this one will show no signs of fading fast if I have anything to do with it.



  1. love this post thanks for sharing xx

  2. I loved this year simply because there didnt seem to be any rules, it was all about mixing, matching and experimenting with clothes! :D x

  3. Yep. Love these trends. Not so into the diaper-y super exaggerated harem pant/hammer pant trend, but I love trousers! Yay! and socks, who would have thought this would be a "trend"???


  4. Your blog is a great read!!! I love it! xx

    I'd love it if you can check it out!Follow if you like, I'll happily follow back:)

  5. Love your blog. Found you on lookbook :)


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