Friday, 21 January 2011

yum yums.

I am increasingly becoming obsessed with doc martens. Do I, don't I? It's the question of whether they will look hot to trot or transform me into a lesbian.The short hair doesn't help my case.

Boots and shoes aside. The quintessentially British brand have only gone and extended their portfolio to the bag department; a marker of their 50th anniversary.

Highly covetable and incredibly collectable with only a measely 350 being released worldwide.
Boohoo. They should def take this mainstream.

The cherry red would be my pick.

Thank you all so much to those who have voted for me in the ELLE intern competition. I am fifth according to today's counts. One week today and I'll stop blagging your heads about it. But until then please please please please pleeeaaase keep spreading the word, to literally everyone. I am etenrally grateful, it is just the sort of break I need. 

To show my appreciation for your overall support in my blog etc., I am in the process of organising a giveway so watch this space. It should be sorted mid-week. If I get my arse in gear. 


  1. utterly awesoome! you grab great stuff, no wonder we are following you! :)

  2. I have been contemplating doc martens for months! Have decided when i get so money i'll take the plunge and get them!


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