Saturday, 22 January 2011


It seems that these bad boys have (literally) been creeping their way into our lives for the past few months. I have to say I am a fan. I caught my first sight of the marmite-esque item back in June 2010 when I was dressing backstage at clothes show London. One of the stylist's many pair of  helping hands, sported the same black pair every other day that week. I was intrigued by them. Literally couldn't take my eyes off them. First impressions conjured up images of those shoes the hospital force you to wear for foot fatalities. Plus memories of my sixteen year old, I love My Chemical Romance, emo phase. Not a good mix. That was dimnished when she teamed them with a simple, sheer-y jumpsuit. They were platforms but flat. How does that even work.

TUK - original creepers
Derek Lam

 Cacharel for opening ceremony

 Doc Martens

However, I do I think the high-street will be reluctant to jump on this bandwagon. A guarenteed case of better late than never.

Fashion innovation at its best. Fashion can be so so disposable. I am as guilty as the next person; if I had three wishes one would sort me out a disposable wardrobe. It is so refreshing to be overwhelmed with pure originality. For a change.


  1. Anonymous1/22/2011

    Love the wedges for Opening Ceremony x

  2. LOVE these doc martens! unforts they are expensive :( but i shall save up for one ;)

  3. Anonymous1/22/2011

    i really need some doc martens, but am not sure bout these shoes.... probably in a few months i'll be in love! amy,x

  4. I adore platform shoes, anything that gives you more height without the heel is good, even though I'm 5"8 anyway, haha x

  5. wow!!! I want that liliac dr martens shoes!!!!
    have a nice week end!

  6. I seriously adore those Doc Martens. I'm looking every where for a pair but can't seem to find them in those colours!

    Great post! I can't deny my love for wedges and creepers, even if others aren't so keen :P

  7. Thanks for sending me in this direction!! I love both the Derek Lam and Opening Ceremony ones.
    I have often dreamed of working a pair of doc martins but could just never pull them off. My flatmate owns a pair of the original creepers and he works them so well, I'm tempted to borrow.


  8. Oh wow.. I love those pastel Doc Martens. Such a good investment - if I can find them!

  9. I love these pastel Doc Martens. So much less clumsy looking than the normal ones - a good investment buy I feel, now all I need to do is find a pair!


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