Tuesday, 15 March 2011

profile me: bethan juliff.

After the privilege of her company at the British Fashion Awards, I thought it was only fair to formally introduce her to you and showcase her awe inspiring talent. A definite one to watch; I give you Bethan Juliff - up and coming knitwear designer.

A bit about Bethan and the brand. The Bethan Juliff brand was borne out by young, London fashion designer of the same name. Bethan anchored the brand on the completion of a BA in Fashion Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University in 2009.

Bethan prides herself on creating exclusive, handcrafted knitwear pieces implementing unique, bespoke, knitting techniques that set her apart from other knitwear designers. Pieces are made from the best cotton, cashmere, mohair and lambs wool Bethan can get her hands on.

Bethan is currently weaving her way into the cut-throat world of the fashion industry, waiting on those all important words every designer so longs to hear; ‘we want YOU‘. With three enviable collections already to her name and the recent launch of the latest, it is looking increasingly promising that this could be her season to shine.

Bethan celebrated the launch of her Autumn / Winter 2011 collection on 25th February, earlier this year. Hosted in the exclusive confines of Kensington Roof Gardens, it was a lavish affair from the bubbling champagne to the stylish turn-out. The event was received with great praise from the general public and the London fashion scene alike. Ten models flaunted new collection pieces during the evening, accessorized with the beautiful, Bethan Juliff Knitwear, signature, Poppy broach. 

Photos: Tomo Creative

Bethan says of the latest collection; "I design and create a luxury knitwear product, which is unique yet wearable. The collection provides a look for every possible occasion including a wedding gown for the new season. I find that knitwear is very misunderstood and there are possibilities for beautiful elegance and not just cable knit jumpers and socks!"

The collection compliments innovative new designs with classic pieces. The range is carefully crafted, every piece elegantly bold in its own right. The collection compiles thirteen graceful styles, including two debuts in the form of a choice of evening gowns. And Bethan’s efforts have even championed a wedding dress first for the brand. The gowns combine full fishtail skirts with backless tops and the wedding dress’s elegant buttoned detailing creates the meticulously designed, dramatic finish, providing the centre piece to the collection.


Another first for the collection are two party dresses named 'Ivy' and 'Forget Me Not', full billowing skirts play in harmony with flattering structures. These are both available in black, grey and cream. 

'Forget Me Not'

The range also features a much loved classic which has been given a subtle revamp; Bethan’s trademark 'Coatagan'.  The Autumn Winter 2011 'Tulip' is a revamped version of this popular style.

To see the new collection in all its handcrafted glory visit www.bethanjuliff.com.

Bethan is more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding any collection pieces, please email your questions to info@bethanjuliff.com.

You can also find her on 
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  1. I had a look at her website, some of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for introducing :)

  2. Wow her pieces are amazing!

  3. Anonymous3/15/2011

    love love love it all. How to buy?

  4. wow, looks like an amazing event! and she's so talented :) xx

  5. Just checked out her website, such amazing talent and beautiful pieces!!!

  6. You girls looks great! Very stylish!



  7. Anonymous3/16/2011

    Wow, what beautiful dresses! I never realised knitwear could be so elegant and funky.

  8. lovely items, looks like a fun time xo

  9. Some of those designs are pretty nifty- I've never really been one for knitted dresses but these look lovely!

  10. Anonymous3/17/2011

    thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    you've got a wonderful blog and i love these pictures.
    p.s i've got a new post up xx

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