Friday, 4 March 2011

shoe stories.

Bottom left to right:
Primark, TOPSHOP, Marks and Spencer (Autograph), Primark, 

New Look, Tesco, New Look, New Look, 
Dorothy Perkins, TOPSHOP, OFFICE, Vintage

A sneaky deeks into my shoe collection. I am partial to a beautiful pair of shoes, a girl can never have too many and all that. But I don't really buy them all that often as I'd rather have a million pretty lace dresses than a million pairs of black platforms. They say that you can tell a lot about a person from what they wear on their feet soooo here it is.


My scruffy, trustee, Primark brogues. It annoys me no end that York is "too good for it", according the council, it would spoil the touristic appeal of the city, I smell bullll. I know it attracts each cities' complete population of charvas - see Newcastle's, Northumberland St store, on any day for evidence but there is no denying it, their shoes are bloody good and dirt cheap.

My second ever pair of brogues, courtesy of TOPSHOP. Not much of a story apart from the fact I've worn them far too many times when it has pissed it down (weaved shoes and rain equals wet feet). I know they're black which doesn't strictly abide by the standard S/S colour palette, but for this reason they are definitely more suited to the warmer seasons.

My MJ loafers as I like to call them. Why? I often pair them with white lace socks such as here which immediately puts this image in my head. I had wanted a pair for a while and thought I'd be stupid not to facilitate my marksies discount.

Last but not least, my little desert booties. They probably have been overworn and thus, are a little on the scruffy side. Tenner at Primark so what do you expect. Because its so cheap, you hear of people stockpiling certain styles. I haven't seen a pair yet that warrant this.

Little Heels

Not a kitten heel in sight. I think they have to be thee worst footwear faux-pas on the planet.

I take back what I just said with regards to stockpiling. I have two pairs of these New look daytime heels. One pair navy (left) and the other grey (right). They're perfect for the lady of leisure lifetsyle I lead. I kid I wish but 'cos they're only little heaels, they're so apt for daytime wear.

Another New Look pair. These are in desperate need of re-heeling as I haven't had the guts to throw them out yet so I am hanging on to the fact that they can be saved. I also rep New Look for shoes, mainly heels though as their idea of brogues and the like are funny shaped.

The patent black pair are from tesco believe it or not. They're ideal for when the idea of prancing around in huge platforms from 10pm to 3am grims me out.

Bigger Heels

A rare sale buy, twenty quid, Dorothy Perkins and inspired by madame Chung. They are probably the most sensible pair of shoes I own.

My babies. I had to have them when I saw them on Alexa Chung and discovered they were by TOPSHOP. With them being suede I am always super careful / skitzy. I have worn them on most nights out since I got them, they're proper comfy.

Another sale bargain from OFFICE, a decent time ago. I generally avoid the sale section of shops but I think I was bored and hadn't bought anything all day. These are so versalite, a proper timeless must-have.

The only pair of vintage shoes I have ever bought. They're from probably the best vintage shop in York - DEEP. I miss Newcastle's vintage offerings so much. I always make sure to schedule in a least one day to scout out what I've been missing out on when I go home.

I am definitely not one of those people who styles a look around a pair of shoes. They're always the last part I think about and more often than not I shove on the nearest pair to the door (my life is a constant rush).

I feel like are you dressing up or dressing down? is becoming a tad repetitive and mundane therefore I would like your opinions. What would you like to see this page graced with? Even if its just an idea to do more / less of something, I am intrigued to find out. I may do a similar post to this but an insight into my wardrobe. Suggestions are more than welcomed in the comments.



  1. hi, just found you via the affordable fashion forum on IFB. Love your blog! Just followed. Keep in touch!


    Holier than Now

    (and on bloglovin here!)

  2. God, I totally agree with you on kitten heels. I hate those things to death! Love the MJ loafers!

  3. I love heels, the higher the better... my feet don't agree though =)

  4. Oooh what a great collection :) I have a couple the same as you :p I often just shove on the pair I last had on too x


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