Sunday, 23 January 2011

dead to the world.

I had planned to do this on Friday but my camera was outta juice. It was my Little Kirst's twenty first on Thursday night so we standardly put on quite a show. I managed to man up the morning after and throw this together. I am so bored of my wardrobe. I am compiling a wish list as we speak. Someone gimme some dollar dollar cash?
Cardi: Mummy's, Jeans and Pearls: TOPSHOP, Shirt and Bag: Vinatge, Loafers: M&S, Lace Socks: New Look

I have finally had my hair cut, so I am no longer sporting the wannabe ballerina 'do. Although I will miss it.

Thank you again for voting for me in the ELLE intern competition. I am still fifth which in itself I think is a decent achievement. Not to big myself up or anything. One week today and I promise you will hear no word of it. I just really want it and need your support. CHYAZ.

I take back what I said yesterday about the high-street and the flatform. Today on my lunch break, I accidentally ended up in TOPSHOP's shoe lounge (absolute devil, its literally the shop next to my work). Moral of the story; they've jumped on the badwagon. Here they are. I like them. I want them.

Maybe just maybe the flatform trend will actually oust the wedge / platform this year.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2011

    lovely outfit!i have a similar shirt from topshop :) amy,x

  2. Anonymous1/23/2011

    love the lace Socks

  3. Really happy I stumbled across this blog, you have lovely style and I've enjoyed reading your posts.

    Just voted for you on ELLE, I really think you're one of the more deserving people on there (perhaps because we're both from the North-East added a lil bias!), good luck!


  4. Oh I adore the lace socks/ tights with the beautiful patent loafers! Just adorable, such a classy look!

  5. Love the blog - voted for you on ELLE, good luck!


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