Monday, 16 January 2012

001: recently I've been..

Oh hi there unannounced hiatus. What can I say, drunk-ing and dancing have been higher up on my agenda than ferociously typing away to tell you about all the clothes I want but can't afford. Due to a losing combination of depleted funds and only collar and jumper (winning) combos within my creative grasp, my recent fash game needs to sort its life out. Hence, the lack of blogging. What is a fashion blogger without a fashion sense? A vacant one. Anyway, back for a quickie.

With London Fashion Week within frighteningly close touching distance, a best friend in tow and excruciatingly exciting prospects for the month of February, I say no more other than - it's going to be a friggan good one.

What have I been doing with all this FREE time? In between floating around London in all my freelancer glory I have gotten acquainted with my new ends some more and fallen a little bit more in love (read: become even more obssesed. I joke it is love of the truest sort).

Less fashion, more life :

Sampling the cuisines of some tasty eateries.

Discovering the joys of paying £10 plus for a Martini when you totally meant a Mojito.
Losing my 'Photo a Day' challenge V plates.
Still rocking the bowler hat.
Prepping for fashion week i.e. commencing the wardrobe overhaul. First step - mental mood board making.



  1. You all look lovely! - It looks like you guys had a great time! Love the bowler hat.. have been looking for one like that for absolutely ages! xxx

  2. One place I'd love to go to is London! Maybe one day.
    You look lovely as always, and that hat is super cool! :)#

  3. Anonymous1/16/2012

    I personally think the jumper and blouse look is fail safe, and in fact am sporting such a look now!
    lovely blog!

  4. How gorgeous do you wanna look in these photos?! Miss your posts! xo

  5. The collar and jumper combination is always a solid one. I live in charity shop jumpers and demin shorts most of the time.
    The bowler hat is so cute!

  6. You look super cute in the bowler hat!
    Loving the mood board- I am so excited for pastels

  7. hey, thank you for your comment.
    what do you mean with sublime photography?


  8. Ack! I like your bowler hat mirror pic. (that dress! :))
    Also this sentence:

    "What can I say, drunk-ing and dancing have been higher up on my agenda than ferociously typing away to tell you about all the clothes I want but can't afford."


  9. Love this! There is also nothing wrong with dancing yourself silly I adore a good dance sober or when I am drunking it up! Actually especially when i'm drunking it up and I realise I cant land the jump I went for in the heels I'm wearing. Ooops.


  10. Love a good moodboard - can't wait to start wearing pastels!

  11. :) quiet interesting, pajama party... I would love to join some Womens Pants party where i can find all kind of pants like cargo, lounge and dance pants.

  12. You are so pretty!!!

    check out my new blog!

  13. Love Love Love!

    love from NYC,
    xx- nicolealyse

  14. I absolutely LOVE your style, you are soo pretty, and thank you so much for visiting my BLOG! <3

  15. That moodboard is amazing! As is your style! XO

  16. The bowler hat is adoreable! Lovin your blog too :) xoxox

  17. LOVE your moodboard... it's very inspirational :)

  18. So pretty!! LOVE the bowler!

    ox from NYC!

  19. Fabulous style...!! :)

    "Besa Viso"

  20. wish i was a hat person! lovely style xo


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