Thursday, 30 December 2010

under construction.

As the observant amongst you have probably gathered, the blog is undergoing a few urgent aesthetic changes.

It's all well and good having amazing content but it has to look a bit pretty too.
This is where I struggle.

Who's the lucky girl whose best friend is the most creative lady around and just so happens to be trained up in website design?

Yes, that's me. Score. You can find / follow Megan on twitter at @PrettyEvents

We're going to get exams out of the way first, then have a proper brainstorm to make the blog a bit more cool.

Fingers crossed by the end of January you will looking at the new and very much improved are you dressing up or dressing down?

It's about time. I have high hopes.

I cannot wait.

Back to the books for now, urgh.


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  1. Look forward to seeing your new layout in Jan! x


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